It’s Up the Poll! 2015: Tameside’s Local Elections

East of the M60‘s preview of the Local, Parish and General Elections

  • Greens only party other than Labour to field candidates in all wards;
  • Close runs likely in Droylsden East and Denton South wards;
  • Tameside’s first Communist Party of Britain candidate to stand in Audenshaw;
  • Former Tiger stands in Hyde Newton.

A chance to keep the ship steady or effect real change. Depending on your viewpoint, this year’s local elections is set to be an interesting one. As well as tireless campaigning on the streets from Tameside’s Labour and Green parties, the rest of the pre-election campaigning seems to be conducted online. The present incumbents within the 57 member council are facing opposition from social media sites.

With rancour over public sector cuts and “Ashton getting everything”, higher turnout is set to make for an interesting set of results in the Local Elections. As with last year’s local elections, one-third of the council is elected on the 07 May 2015.

Standing for the first time in several years will be a Communist Party candidate. Carl Simmons is standing again as an independent candidate in Denton South, and this seat could be one to watch. Droylsden East, where the leader of Tameside MBC, Councillor Kieran Quinn is up for election, faces a challenge from UKIP. Both wards have seen Carl and the UKIP candidates gradually increase their votes.

With UKIP likely to pick up votes from disillusioned Conservatives (the Tories wont be standing in all wards), the Green Party could be another source. Over the last fifteen years, there has been Green Party candidates in most wards. This year sees Greens in all nineteen wards, most notably Charlotte Hughes (of The Poor Side of Life blog) in Ashton Hurst.

Not standing in this year’s local elections is the Patriotic Socialist Party. Standing for the PSP last year was Mary Doherty in Ashton St. Michaels.

Wards contested, by party:

  • Labour (including Labour Co-op): 19;
  • The Green Party of England and Wales: 19;
  • Conservative Party: 15;
  • United Kingdom Independence Party: 12;
  • Trade Unionists and Socialists Against The Cuts: 4;
  • Independent candidates: 3;
  • Liberal Democrats: 1;
  • Communist Party of Britain: 1.

*                               *                              *

Candidates by ward:

Please note that the asterisk denotes a sitting councillor. Each ward name is colour coded according to its incumbent party.

Ashton Hurst

In previous local elections, the Ashton Hurst ward has seen occasional swings to the Conservative fold. Could Liam Billington’s youth be on his side as Ashton Hurst’s second Tory councillor? Would Mike Glover be heir to the outgoing Alan Whitehead? As always, this ward is one to watch and has acted as a barometer to the borough’s voting habits.

  • Liam Billington, Conservative Party;
  • Mike Glover, Labour Party;
  • Charlotte Hughes, Green Party.

Ashton St. Michael’s

  • Yvonne Cartey*, Labour Party;
  • Christine Liley, Conservative Party;
  • Nigel Rolland, Green Party.

Ashton Waterloo

Retiring from this ward is Labour councillor Michael Whitley. This ward has been a safe bet for Labour, though has had in the past a Conservative councillor now and again.

  • Sam Daniels, Conservative Party;
  • Peter Howarth, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Andrew Threlfall, Green Party;
  • Lorraine Whitehead, Labour Party.


  • Maria Bailey*, Labour Party;
  • Maurice Jackson, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Mark Stanley, Green Party;
  • Paul Ward, Communist Party of Britain.

Denton North East

  • Gerard Boyd, Green Party;
  • Dennis Connor, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Alison Gwynne*, Labour Party;
  • Carol White, Conservative Party.

Denton South

Could this be Carl Simmons’ year? The independent candidate came close to beating the Labour candidate in last year’s local election.

  • Mike Fowler*, Labour Party;
  • Zoe Gallacher, Conservative Party;
  • Dean Kavanagh, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts;
  • Adrienne Shaw, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Carl Simmons, Independent candidate;
  • Mark Stanfield, Green Party.

Denton West

  • Thomas Dunne, Conservative Party;
  • Gareth Hayes, Green Party;
  • Robert Heap, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts;
  • Brenda Warrington*, Labour Party.

Droylsden East

Without a doubt, this is the ward which most neutrals will be watching with great interest, more so with the present council leader up for election. In the last five years, both Droylsden wards have seen a rise in the UKIP vote. Droylsden East had in previous local elections seen a challenge from Jack Crossfield of the Local Community Party who finished a close second to Labour.

  • Sarah Delaney, Independent candidate;
  • Peter Harris, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • John McCarthy, Green Party;
  • Kieran Quinn*, Labour Party.

Droylsden West

  • Max Bennett, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Andrew Climance, Green Party;
  • Ann Holland*, Labour Party;
  • Gill Westhead, Conservative Party.


The Labour vote has remained solid, but turnout in the Dukinfield ward has always been among the lowest at council elections. With a much higher turnout, who knows? The non-Labour vote has hovered towards the Green Party (when Reverend Vernon Marshall stood as candidate) and in the last five years, UKIP.

  • John Cooke, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • David Liley, Conservative Party;
  • John Taylor*, Labour Party;
  • Julie Wood, Green Party.

Dukinfield Stalybridge

The StalyDuk ward, as it is known among locals has remained a Labour stronghold for several years. With recent developments in Stalybridge, could UKIP or Green be where some will voice their disenchantment?

  • Wayne Jones, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Mo Ramzan, Green Party;
  • David Sweeton*, Labour Party.

Hyde Godley

Whatever colour, the retirement of John Sullivan will see a new face in this ward which takes in Hattersley.

  • Betty Affleck, Labour Party;
  • Mohammed Iqbal, Conservative Party;
  • Gail Jones, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Peter Jones, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts;
  • Nick Koopman, Green Party.

Hyde Newton

Former Hyde United player Phil Chadwick is set to make his second attempt to dent the Labour vote. Last year he stood as candidate in Hyde Werneth.

  • Helen Bowden*, Labour and Co-operative Party;
  • Philip Chadwick, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Andrew Highton, Green Party.

Hyde Werneth

With the lack of a UKIP candidate, expect Mr. Bell to hold on to his seat by a greater margin. At least he knows Werneth Low isn’t in the Hazel Grove constituency unlike his party’s fellow coalition partners!

  • John Bell*, Conservative Party;
  • Debbie Boulton, Labour Party;
  • Jean Smee, Green Party.


  • Irene Brierley, Green Party;
  • Gill Peet*, Labour Party;
  • David Tyler, Conservative Party.


Parking – well lack of free parking – and the battle over the town’s market ground could be a deciding factor. Expect to see similar ripples in the Town Council election.

  • Dean Aylett, Independent candidate;
  • Christine Clark, Green Party;
  • Dominic Johnson, Conservative Party;
  • Martin Kiely, Liberal Democrats;
  • Idu Miah*, Labour and Co-operative Party;

St. Peters

The St. Peters ward has for some time ranked along the poorest electoral wards in the borough. Could Tameside’s role as guinea pig for the DWP’s Universal Credit and Troubled Families programmes have an affect on local polls there?

  • Trevor Clarke, Green Party;
  • Raymond Dunning, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Deej Johnson, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts;
  • Emma Martin, Conservative Party;
  • Dave McNally*, Labour Party.

Stalybridge North

With recent concern over town centre developments and the loss of evening buses in Heyrod, could a change of face mean a change of rosette colour? Could George Roberts’ successor candidate be the man to get this part of Stalybridge moving?

  • Dave Bradbury, Green Party;
  • Angela McManus, United Kingdom Independence Party;
  • Adrian Pearce, Labour Party;
  • Colin White, Conservative Party.

Stalybridge South

Could Clive Patrick regain Stalybridge South? The outgoing David Buckley could either see three Tories in this ward, or the return of Labour’s Dorothy Cartwright.

  • Dorothy Cartwright, Labour Party;
  • Clive Patrick, Conservative Party;
  • Paul White, Green Party.

*                               *                              *

Next up on It’s Up The Poll! 2015

We shall be looking at the Mossley Town Council and Parliamentary election candidates in Tameside. Plus, we’ll be having a look at policies likely to affect its 210,000 citizens. Shortly after the General, Local, and Mossley Town Council elections, expect to see detailed analysis of the results on East of the M60.

S.V., 10 April 2015.


2 thoughts on “It’s Up the Poll! 2015: Tameside’s Local Elections

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  1. Did you know, Stuart, that ‘Johnny De Rivative’, from the ‘SkyscraperCity’ forums, is the John McCarthy standing as a Green in the Droylsden East ward? This election will be very tightly contested, that’s for sure.


    1. Hi Patrick,

      You’re not kidding about Droylsden East being closely contested. For the last ten years it has always been a tasty ward. One difference over the last year has been the rise in popularity of the Green Party of England and Wales. Anyway, I didn’t know the Green candidate was a fellow poster on Skyscraper City.

      Furthermore, last year’s UKIP candidate was a regular letter writer to both the Tameside Reporter and the Tameside Advertiser. Even so, UKIP Tameside seem to be on all four cylinders with this ward (owing to the present incumbent).

      Bye for now,



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