Part two of our special Easter holidays treat How was the first part of our quiz for you? Was you stumped by any of the questions or was you pleasantly surprised by the odd bit of transport anorakarama? Still, here’s the long awaited second part. Enjoy!

*                          *                         *

1. Geography

  1. Astana is the capital city of which former Soviet republic?
  2. Which motorway links Leicester with Coventry?
  3. Name the long distance footpath which starts in Edale and finishes in Kirk Yetholm?
  4. The James Paget hospital is close to which East Anglian seaside resort?
  5. On an Ordnance Survey map, what does MP stand for?
  6. Majorca is part of which group of Mediterranean islands?
  7. Where would you find the Street Life Transport Museum and the Ferens Art Gallery?
  8. Name any of the five towns that make up the city of Stoke-on-Trent?
  9. Which Midlands town lies on the banks of the River Tame?
  10. The railway line from Wick and Thurso to Inverness is known as what?

2. Food and Drink

  1. “Chorleywood” is a baking process used for what food stuff?
  2. In terms of beer, what is a ‘half and half’?
  3. Name a vegetable which is used in Moussaka?
  4. Which theatre was underneath a railway arch off Whitworth Street?
  5. Desiree is a variety of which vegetable?
  6. Which fruit is known as ‘ananas’ in French?
  7. In the mid 1970s, whose beef burgers did Ben advertise?
  8. Which type of milk has a golden top?
  9. What cake is made of jam, dusted with coconut and topped with custard and a glacé cherry?
  10. Where would you find the Talisker distillery?

3. Politics

  1. Which government body’s head office is Caxton House?
  2. Name the one time broadcaster who stood as a Liberal candidate in the 1958 Rochdale By-Election?
  3. Who was the German Chancellor prior to Angela Merkel?
  4. Where in Australia is Parliament House?
  5. Name any Chancellor of the Exchequer who served in the 1964 – 70 Labour Government?
  6. Clement Attlee, _________, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan: who’s missing in this sequence?
  7. In the 1997 General Election, which constituency seat did Michael Portillo lose to Stephen Twigg?
  8. Geoffrey Howe, Nigel Lawson, _________, Kenneth Clarke, George Osborne: who’s missing from this sequence?
  9. Which political party did Harry Pollitt lead from 1929 to 1956?
  10. In 1893, the Independent Labour Party was formed in which city?

*                          *                         *

End of Quiz

Before I go…

How did you fare? There was some tough ones. Feel free to add any answers in the comments section and good luck.

S.V., 06 April 2015.

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