Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, April 2015: The Ashton Review of Shops

The times they are a changing

  • Select settles in Staveleigh Way;
  • River Bank to reopen as discount pub;
  • Changes to the Arcades Shopping Centre.

A rather belated Happy Easter to all our readers of this edition of The Ashton Review of Shops. Please note the slightly different format to the previous bulletins.

Unless you’ve been away from Ashton in the last year, work has begun on the remodelling of its open market ground. The scheme, funded by European Union monies as stated before, sees the stalls moving closer to Bow Street. This allows for a more open aspect towards Ladysmith Shopping Centre with space for events and pop-up stalls.

Select settles in

Only a fortnight ago, Select opened its doors on Staveleigh Way. The discount ladies’ retailer has occupied the ground floor, with the former first floor being used for storage.

Poundland’s Denton debut

Soon to darken the doorstep of Crown Point North is Poundland. This will be the single price retailer’s third branch in Tameside. It will also be Crown Point North’s second Pound Shop offering stiff competition to the nearby Poundworld and Discount UK store.

New fashion shop for Stalybridge

Occupying the former Johnson’s The Cleaners unit is En-Tour-age. Their unit on Armentieres Square offers a range of urban fashions in a similar style of Dappa on the corner of Staveleigh Way and Mercian Way in Ashton.

Arcades Shopping Centre changes

The see-through escalator, a feature of the shopping centre since its Autumn 1995 opening has been removed. In its place would be realigned escalators and stairways. To permit this, Wrights Café Central and three other stall holders in its proximity have moved elsewhere. Wrights’ business has moved to one of the outdoor food stalls on Ashton open market.

Bye bye Byles

Long since a feature of the Hydonian landscape, the last quarter has seen the closure of Byles on Hamnett Street. Planning permissions has been sought for the demolition of the site.

Pub and club update: more tales from The River Bank

This month sees the continuing saga of The River Bank take a new twist. A sign beside the door advertises its next move: its transformation as a bargain basement boozer. The public house on Crescent Road is set to become The One £1 pub. Though nothing to do with the Pound Pub in Atherton (formerly the excellent Old Isaacs) it upholds the same principle.

On the down side, we are sad to hear of The Stone Jug‘s possible closure in June. After making the pub a valuable source of live entertainment, landlord Stuart Timpson has decided to call it a day. This follows a staggering rise in his forthcoming rents paid to Thwaites Brewery.

Whilst remaining on the subject of Daniel’s enterprise in Blackburn, there is one move that is likely to affect some of Tameside’s pubs and clubs. Marstons have agreed a £25.1million deal to take over its brewing operations. Thwaites will remain in business as a Pubco, though its popular Wainwright and Lancaster Bomber ales will be Marstons brands like Wychwood’s Hobgoblin. As well as its own brands, the Blackburn brewery produces a number of own label beers and keg ales for the free trade.

The sale is set to be given the green light on the 17 April 2015. As detailed in the Derby Telegraph, this has been met with great concern by CAMRA.

The Triangle Snooker Club, next to The Ash Tree, has been closed. This is due to plans by J.D. Wetherspoon, who wish to replace the building with a beer garden for The Ash Tree. At present, real ale loving smokers have no other option but to use the rear entrance seating area on Camp Street.

*                     *                    *

Next Month:

Our next bulletin will be close to the General Election and Local Election date, which is the 07 May. We will do our best to lay off the politics. Then again…

S.V., 05 April 2015.


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