New Local Paper Set to Steal March on Rivals

Exciting new tabloid set to hit Tameside streets

Tameside's Hottest Weekly: a look at the first edition. (© 2015 AFD Publications)
Tameside’s Hottest Weekly: a look at the first edition. (© 2015 AFD Publications)

With the loss of the Tameside Advertiser and its transformation into the Manchester Weekly News, this leaves one locally produced title in the borough. One which some critics believe haven’t changed for the better in spite of its survival.

Set to fill the void is Tameside’s newest title, the Tameside Crucible. The new title will be published in Stalybridge. In the long term, it aims to take over a former steelworks on Robinson Street and renovate the premises. Part of the long term plans include a three storey office block, a bar/restaurant, and  a visitor centre, celebrating the building’s previous use as the Globe Iron Works.

Its launch editor Gordon Summers stated, “The Tameside Crucible aims to forge a real relationship with its readers. With the borough deprived of a truly independent local voice, we aim to steal a march on the competition.

“Advertisers have been queuing outside our office in the former Pineapple pub. They welcome the competition and our agreeable advertising rates.

“We firmly believe in employing the most incisive columnists and the best of local talent. We are 100% behind the borough. Me and my editorial team cannot wait till our first edition goes to press.”

In its first edition, its readers will experience the writings of:

  • Irene Woodcock, and her lively observations of the Tameside area from Quickedge to Gee Cross;
  • Curmudgeon, outspoken columnist, sometimes near the knuckle and incisive;
  • Martin Filson, our man on the terraces and lead correspondent on Stalybridge Celtic’s fixtures.

Plus of course there will be all the usual features which every local newspaper needs. These include a children’s section, court reports and a letters page.

The first edition of the Tameside Crucible is set to reach newsagents and supermarkets this Thursday priced 70p. To celebrate its launch, all branches of Raja Bros in the borough will be offering a free pint of semi-skimmed or skimmed milk with each edition.

S.V., 01 April 2015.


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  1. and there’s more………

    Plan to wind up Transport for Greater Manchester leaked.

    Manchester, 1st April 2015

    A whistle blower, who attended a Transport Executive meeting in Central Manchester last night, was appalled at proposals to close down the authority and make each area responsible for its own transport plan..

    The whistle blower, who does not wish to make their identity known, thought it incredulous that such proposals are being considered and were already in an advanced stage of planning. He could not believe that in the present financial climate that such a scheme, which would cost millions of pounds from public funds, was even being considered.

    The proposal will require the nationalization of all bus operators within the Metropolitan Area, with their assets transferred to each separate local authority/metropolitan borough, as required in order to implement the plan.

    Here are some examples of what is proposed:

    Bus services in Tameside would be operated by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Transport from a garage and head office situated in the former purpose built bus garage on Whitelands Road in Ashton, formerly used by Olympia Furnishings, which after compulsory purchase, would be refurbished. The buses operated from that garage, would be painted in a new, to be devised livery of peacock blue, green and cream, reflecting the former liveries of Ashton Corporation Transport and SHMD vehicles.

    Additionally, all routes operated by the previous operators would revert back to those operated by the local authorities and nationalized bus companies prior to the creation of SELNEC. It will be a requirement that previous bus liveries are restored. For example, buses in Manchester will have a livery similar to that of their Mancunian double deckers and those operated in Salford will revert to green, with cream relief.

    The anomaly of the First Bus, Dukinfield operation, would be taken care of by the recreation of The North Western Road Car Company with their head office in Stockport. This depot in Dukinfield plus the Glossop operation at York Street would be operated by the new North Western. Buses would be painted in a refreshed version of the old North Western scheme, using the old colours. Compulsory purchase orders will be used where necessary to acquire necessary properties.

    Similarly, in the east of the region, besides restoring Leigh and Wigan Corporation Transport Departments colours, local garages and offices, Lancashire United Transport (LUT) will be reformed

    As for Metrolink, discussions are well advanced with Blackpool Corporation Transport, for them to take over the running of the system. It is proposed to repaint trams in a similar livery to that presently used on Blackpool’s modern fleet and transfer some Blackpool heritage trams to Heaton Park, where the system there, will be connected to the Metrolink network, for special tours of the system. The depot at Heaton Park will be enlarged to house these trams. It is also proposed to make use of Blackpool’s illuminated trams on the Manchester system in the build up to each Christmas period.


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