East of the M60’s Big Fat Easter Quiz (Part One)

A special Easter holidays treat for all our readers

With the Easter holidays looming, we at East of the M60 would like to break from the usual gamut of posts with something a bit light hearted. With the creator of this blog’s involvement in one of the teams in the Tameside Quiz League, we have conjured up a quiz of our own.

Before you proceed, expect some transport based anorakdom or references to obscure television programmes. Other than that, enjoy the quiz.

*                          *                         *

1. Music

1. What is the link between Cozy Powell, George Martin and Van de Graaf Generator?

2. Which group’s only major hit was “Steal My Sunshine” in 1999?

3. What record label was formed by Alan McGee?

4. Which U2 song was used to open Tameside Radio on the 30 September 2007?

5. What English city’s local radio station is Viking FM?

6. Kelly Marie’s chart-topping single from 1980, “Feels Like I’m In Love”, was originally written for whom?

7. Which country’s international football squad teamed up with B.A. Robertson in 1982?

8. In the song “Barbados”, a 1975 Number One hit single for Typically Tropical, which part of London is mentioned in the song lyrics?

9. Name the screen legend who was the subject of a song by Mika in 2006?

10. From 1987 to 1988, David ‘Kid’ Jensen co-presented which music programme on ITV?

2. Greater Manchester

11. Which Greater Manchester Transport garages had the following depot codes: TE; NN; SN; PS; and FK?

12. Before moving to New Broadcasting House, where was BBC’s previous Manchester studios?

13. If I was stood beside Dock 9 of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1965, whereabouts in Salford would I be nowadays?

14. Which theatre was underneath a railway arch off Whitworth Street?

15. Which bus route’s terminus is The Rising Sun public house on Hazel Grove?

16. Where would you find the House of Rajas department store?

17. Which part of Wigan is home to Heinz Baked Beans?

18. Wild Bank, Hough Hill and Buckton Castle is associated with which town?

19. If I was going from Oldham to Manchester, which A-road do I need to take?

20. I’m about to see a show at the Gracie Fields Theatre. The Gracie Fields Theatre is a couple of miles from which town?

3. Television

21. “Non Stop” by John Malcolm was the original signature tune for which programme?

22. Which quiz show, known as “The Match Game” in the USA, was hosted by Terry Wogan on its UK launch in 1979?

23. In a cartoon series voiced by The Goodies, which superhero’s alter ego was Eric Twinge, a weedy schoolboy who lived on 29 Acacia Road?

24. What was the consolation prize in Lucky Ladders?

25. In The Inbetweeners, whose car was smashed after a trip to Thorpe Park?

26. Bob Monkhouse, _________, Les Dennis, Andy Collins: who’s missing in this sequence?

27. Highclere Castle is better known as the main location for which ITV continuing drama series?

28. George and Mildred was one of two situation comedies which spun off from Man About The House. Name the second one.

29. I was Coast to Coast in Sevenoaks, known as Lookaround in Selkirk, and referred to as Calendar in Sheffield. What am I?

30. I was created by Jeremy Fox in 1977 and ran till 1995 with the same presenter throughout its run. My original theme tune was written by Mike Moran, though more remember The Art of Noise’s version.

*                          *                         *

End of Part One

Before I go…

We hope you’ve the first half of our Big Fat Easter Quiz. In the words of The Big Breakfast, “don’t ‘phone, it’s just for fun”. Happy quizzing.

S.V., 27 March 2015.


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