Realtime transport app enables visitors to unlock the UK’s second city

Enviro400 First Greater Manchester, SN14 TTU, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester
Any fool could be in the NMGH in less than half an hour: Moovit’s planner would give you more than one way to the hospital besides our 42 seen above. (Quote with apologies to John Ruskin).


Ever wondered what time the 346 will appear, or wonder how often the 42 runs at 3am? Well, the international public transport app Moovit has come to Greater Manchester, complementing Transport for Greater Manchester’s recent one for bus routes.

After announcing its success in gaining $50million funding from a number of sources including Nokia Growth Partners, Moovit’s Manchester app was launched today. Its foray into Greater Manchester is only the beginning of Moovit’s mission to map out the entire public transport network in all major cities across England. This is due to a clever mix of data from local transport agencies, mixed with crucial data crowdsourced from its community of dedicated users.

Designed to help travellers move more efficiently in and around the city with the busiest bus route in Europe, Manchester is the first city in England that the app has officially launched in outside of London. This means travellers can be made aware of real time events on the Manchester train, bus and tram network as they happen. In other words, why their journey is beset with delays and cancellations, right down to if a bus or train is clean and there are available seats.

For the first time ever, users of the app in Manchester can access the following from their mobile devices:

  • Accurately forecast journey times door to door to know an exact, rather than estimated, time of arrival;
  • Track and avoid delays – no more running for buses, trains or trams ever again!
  • Share journeys with friends or colleagues – solving the problem of new visitors to the city getting lost.

Following recent announcements by Transport for Greater Manchester [TfGM] chairman Andrew Fender to “revolutionise sustainable travel” by overhauling the city’s Oxford Road area, and for free WiFi to be switched on in their Metrolink tram system, Moovit’s Manchester launch is a timely and welcome arrival in the city, set to play a leading role in helping to speed up bus journey times.

“Our vision is to help get Manchester moving faster, improving the quality of people’s lives by reducing their journey times. With the recent announcement of a new 15-stop Metrolink line to Manchester Airport it is evident that the city is seeing an exciting phase of growth,” says Alex Torres, VP of Marketing and Product, at Moovit. “Over £313 million is set to be spent on the city’s transport networks by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and we’re keen to be at the forefront of tracking these improvements for the benefit of the people living, working and visiting here.”

Globally the app now has 15 million users across 500 cities and is growing rapidly, adding one new city every day to its covered locations worldwide.

Rafael Cuesta, Head of Development and Innovation at TfGM said: “Technology has become the primary tool people use to stay up to date when they’re on the move and access to accurate source data will be key to giving them something they are increasingly relying upon.

“TfGM is happy to share what data it has already and we are hard at work making more available in future, helping improve the way in which apps and other digital tools work. We also welcome the introduction of crowd-sourced information, which will provide our customers more information than we could provide without collaboration with technology partners such as Moovit”.

The Moovit app is available to download free of charge, for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. You can go to, or you can visit the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone App Marketplace.

S.V., 19 February 2015.

2 thoughts on “We Like to Moovit, Moovit – Around Greater Manchester of Course

  1. Stuart just a heads up , don’t know if you know but Stagecoach Manchester have made significant tender gains in Tameside and Oldham from the 12th April taking work from Stotts and First Manchester including the 407 Oldham to Denshaw !


    1. Hi Andy,

      Unbelievable! Then again, I suppose this explains the strategic importance of their takeover of JPT last year, and Bluebird the year before.

      Perhaps it may be due to the fact they have the resources for Bank Holiday journeys. Expect to see their 60-reg Plaxton Primo on the 407 service before long.

      Bye for now,



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