Indie Brewers Aim to Make Next Month ‘Tryanuary’

Smaller breweries’ counteraction to Dry January

A number of UK independent breweries and bottle shops aim to turn January into a month for supporting microbreweries and nano breweries. Known as ‘Tryanuary’, it aims to highlight the wares of local breweries, bottle shops and independently owned off-licences. Though the United Kingdom has the highest number of breweries since Edwardian times, pubs have continued to close.

Whereas Dry January promotes total abstinence for a calendar month, and associated fundraising ideas for abstainers, Tryanuary favours moderation. The main crux of the campaign suggests:

  • Visiting a local bottle shop and buying a couple of weird and wonderful ales;
  • Calling in to a new or existing micro-pub or bar;
  • Visiting local breweries and arranging trips with your CAMRA group.

The campaign also favours charitable ideas, such as:

  • Drinking two fewer pints a week in January and donating the difference to a charity of your choice;
  • Setting up a bottle club with friends and donating some of the proceeds to a local charity;
  • Arranging a quiz night at a local micro-pub or free house.

As stated on their website, any fundraising efforts can be done on the other eleven months of 2015. Supporters of Tryanuary include Howard Town Brewery in Glossop, Heaton Hops in Stockport, Browtons’ Bottle Shop in Ashton-under-Lyne, and the forthcoming Manchester Beer and Cider Festival at the Velodrome.

You can follow Tryanuary on Twitter (@Tryanuary), Instagram, and ‘like’ them on Facebook. Why not use your smartphone or tablet to photograph esoteric ales and post them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Post them using the #tryanuary hashtag.


S.V., 29 December 2014.


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