Britain’s Most Admired Transport Group? It’s Stagecoach

Perth-shire conglomerate celebrates 35th year of business at award ceremony

Stagecoach Manchester Enviro400, MX07 HLZ, outside Dukinfield Town Hall
Top Dog for Christmas, among fellow transport owning groups: Stagecoach Group. Seen here is MX07 HLZ an Enviro400 typical of the Stagecoach Group’s modern fleet for its Greater Manchester operations. Photographed outside Dukinfield Town Hall on the 31 August 2014.


Ahead of its rival transport owning groups, the Stagecoach Group has been voted the Most Loved Public Transport Group at the 2014 Britain’s Most Admired Companies Awards. Continue reading “Britain’s Most Admired Transport Group? It’s Stagecoach”

Jason and the Argos Gnomes (Part Twenty Four): The Pullman Combination Personal Organiser

And they called it ‘Yuppie’, love…

Yuppiedom reached the heady heights in 1988. In a big way. In that big a way they were a ‘different class’ with their fast cars and ‘loadsamoney’ dichotomy. A short lived boom and another tax cut for the rich not only saw greater competition, but also a sense of loss as public services were sold off in the name of ‘popular capitalism’.

Yuppiedom also had echoes of post-industrial riverside apartments. Plus the very point where cookery programmes began to have fancy ingredients a world away from anything the average Joe could pick up in Lo Cost. Most obviously, the rise of car phones and mobile phones the size of house bricks. Though the fast cars and mobile phones were out of reach of many working class household, there was one ‘must-have’ Yuppie item available for a realistic price.

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