Jason and the Argos Gnomes (Part Twenty Three): The Hitachi 3D Super Woofer

The must-have stereo system for any youth at the time

Musically, 1988 was quite an eclectic year where Stock, Aitken and Waterman coexisted with The Sisters of Mercy, and The Second Summer of Love. Besides the Second Summer of Love’s influence on The Haçienda, that year also saw the rise of The Beastie Boys and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Back then, Hitachi launched a portable stereo which was more at home with G’n’R than Mel and Kim.

The Hitachi 3D Super Woofer

More Staffie than Jack Russell, the Hitachi Super Woofer packed a serious punch. Built like a brick outhouse, it has three speakers, with superior bass to many a common and garden radio and cassette recorder.

It also has twin tape decks and four wavelengths (LW/MW/SW/FM). The twin tape decks boasted high speed dubbing – a must for anyone creating mixtapes. Plus it would be just the thing for B-boys, so long they had eight batteries on them. (How hefty is that?).

Hitachi is pretty much alive, well, and seen in many a present day Argos catalogue. They were formed in 1910 in Japan, with the name translating as ‘sunrise’ into English. Besides mid-price electrical goods, they are just as well known for its high speed trains and power plants.

The £199.99 price tag was just as hefty as the device but, hey, it looked pretty cool. This model would later be followed by four speaker versions and the 6D Super Woofer, a beefier successor.

  • Catalogue: Autumn/Winter 1988;
  • Page and Item Number: Page 262, Item 5;
  • 1988 Price: £199.99;
  • 2014 Price: £319.26.

S.V., 23 December 2014.


2 thoughts on “Jason and the Argos Gnomes (Part Twenty Three): The Hitachi 3D Super Woofer

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  1. i am sorry but this information is incorrect as by 1988 the hitachi 3d superwoor was on its 3rd amalgamaion/model i know this for fact as i have had several of these but i still own my original mk1 one first series of the 3d superwoofer which i have owned since christmas 1983


  2. Hi Ant,

    Many thanks on the Hitachi Superwoofer snippet; they don’t half pack a punch today.

    I wonder if a 21st century version would pack a punch today, albeit with access to digital files of course. The tape decks could always be docking stations for iPads, iPods etc.

    Bye for now,



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