Lift-Sharing: A Cleaner and Cheaper Way to the Shops

Even easier thanks to the internet

Much talk has been made about savings, cuts here, there and everywhere. In an age where falling petrol prices is making the car attractive again, there is still a need for environmentally friendly alternatives. Genuine alternatives to taxi fares, or substitutes to gaps in bus and rail provision.

Nowadays, there is a website which enables you to organise lift-sharing and car-sharing arrangements. That very site is, the UK’s first and largest car-sharing website. It has been revealed by Liftshare that lift-sharing could save the United Kingdom over £47 million this Christmas.

From official footfall figures from Christmas markets and festivities in London, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Salisbury and Winchester, the site found that a total of over 8 million people passed through in 2013. That amounts to a significant volume of carbon emissions, petrol spend and parking costs.

Taking that figure and comparing it against the average lift-share cost in each city, Liftshare found that – theoretically, if every one of those people ride-shared their way to each market in 2014, the estimated saving would be over £47 million, together with a significant win for sustainability in each city. That’s before you mention the savings made on journeys to smaller town centre markets.

It is no secret that the cost of Christmas is expensive during these times of austerity, while producing significant volumes of packaging and food waste each year. Liftshare urges both car owners and non-drivers to reduce their footprint this year by signing up to its free site and travelling with others.

The service sees drivers cutting back on their transport budget significantly by splitting petrol costs with passengers, amounting to an average yearly saving of £987 for daily commuters.

Liftshare founder Ali Clabburn said of the figures, “Liftshare cares deeply about the environment and helping everyday people stay mobile without breaking the bank. We understand that the holiday season can be tough for many people in the UK, but the sharing economy is rich with sites designed to help your budget stretch further than ever before. We encourage anyone concerned about cash to seek them out this holiday season.”

If you wish to sign up to Liftshare’s free service, why not visit their website which is

S.V., 19 December 2014.


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