Jason and the Argos Gnomes (Part Seventeen): The Tefal Burger Maker

The best value under the bun?

At this time of writing, you may be a little excited over the arrival of Five Guys at Ashton Moss. The close of 1984 may well have been similar when McDonalds’ first Tameside branch opened on Warrington Street, next to the stairs up to Allsports.

With money running tight in many Tameside households, there was several cheaper and better ways. In 1984, a cheap box of burgers from Snow City; or some pristine patties from Donoghue’s in the food section of Ashton Indoor Market. There was another gadget on the market; pretty much of its time, though one that could be just as comfortable with 2014.

The Tefal Burger Maker

I like a good burger every now and then, but I veer towards 100% beef, chicken fillet burgers and vegetarian options. Partly because I like my burgers to have real meat (vegetarian excepted of course) instead of random innards from assorted animal matter which is highly unhealthy. The Tefal Burger Maker enabled you to make burgers to your most exacting standards.

A red circular device (contemporaneous of Wimpy’s corporate livery), it was a double deck griddle that allowed you to turn minced beef or lamb patties into juicy burgers. The top deck has space for four patties, whereas the bottom deck griddle was suited for toasting burger buns. Not only burger buns; also pizza, eggs, bacon and pancakes.

It was made with Tefal’s T-Plus non-stick technology. Tefal, still very much with us, is a French company formed in 1956. The name is taken from the first three letters of Teflon and the first two letters of Aluminium. It is owned by Groupe SEB, a large consortium whose other brands include Moulinex and Rowenta.

  • Argos Catalogue edition: Autumn/Winter 1984;
  • Page and item numbers: page 219, item 4;
  • 1984 Prices: £19.99;
  • 2014 Prices: £58.93.

S.V., 17 December 2014.


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