Jason and the Argos Gnomes (Part Seven): The Cresta Bear

What the **** were they thinking?

As a special treat, my father came back from Fine Fare with a bottle of Cresta. As it happens, the gigantic store off Mottram Road was doing an offer. He couldn’t pull the wool over my eyes as I saw the full page advert in this week’s North Cheshire Herald.

Then he told me that the bear himself (you know, the one you see in the adverts between Runaround)¬†would be coming on Saturday. ‘Yippee!’ I though as that was our normal shopping day. So Dad’ll be sat in The Sportsman with a pint of Chesters’ Mild whilst my Mum and younger brother will be carted ’round Hyde Market, Tesco, Gateway and Fine Fare. Then we’ll catch the¬†346 together (better since I can go all the way to Ashton from Newton – thank you Greater Manchester Transport!) back to Shaw Hall Estate.

Then I was disappointed to find that the Cresta Bear wasn’t six feet tall. He didn’t even say “frothy, man”. It was saggy and bit baggy at the seams.

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