Jason and the Argos Gnomes: East of the M60’s 2014 Advent Calendar

The unofficial follow-up to ‘Did I Want One Of Those?’

Last year’s Advent Calendar, our affectionate celebration of tat, was probably the best received of the East of the M60 advent calendars. So much so that we’ve decided to perpetuate the theme, only with better items.

This time, they shall come courtesy of the Argos Catalogue. Not the present 1,000+ page extravaganza, but the 1970s and 1980s ones lovingly scanned and seen on the Retromash blog. There will be emphasis on the following items:

  • It Seemed Pretty Good At The Time: artefacts typical of that era;
  • Obsolescent Technology: Betamax video recorders, ZX Spectrums and the like;
  • Tragic Toys: need we say more, the toys you would run a mile from.

There will also be reference to the original prices and – if possible – whether similar items are available today.

Pocketing The Difference

Where possible, East of the M60 may be able to source suitable images and/or references to 2014 equivalent prices.

“Order 321 to your collection point, please…”

Aye, that’s me waiting for the Elmo cine film projector… Enjoy the ride, chaps.

S.V., 29 November 2014.


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