The Night The Christmas Lights Went On In Grosvenor Street

Christmas lights switch-ons in the Tameside area

Christmas Day is a only a calendar month away at this time of writing and so far, Denton’s and Mossley’s switch-ons have already taken place. The former was preceded with a Christmas market. Mossley’s switch-on took place on Thursday 20 November, and this included a lantern parade from the Mossley market ground. The lights were switched on at 7pm.

As an adjunct to the previous entry, we now have a more complete list of switch-ons in the borough.

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The Christmas Market returns to Ashton-under-Lyne this St. Andrew’s Day with the whole event starting with a lantern parade, fairground rides, carol singers and brass bands. To round off proceedings will be a fireworks display.

  • Date: Sunday 30 November 2014;
  • Switch-on time: 6.00pm;
  • Principal bus routes: 38, 39, 41, 168, 169, 216, 219, 330 – 3, 346 – 8, 350, 409;
  • Nearest railway station: Ashton-under-Lyne;
  • Nearest tram stop: Ashton-under-Lyne.

From the 02 December there will also be an ice skating rink on the open market. This year, there is more stalls nearest to the town hall.


A traditional celebration with a fun fair, school choir and Father Christmas awaits the people of Audenshaw on a late midweek in November. There will also be music from Droylsden St. John’s Castle Band. Christmas presents will be available for the first 100 children.

  • Date: Wednesday 26 November 2014;
  • Start time: 5.00pm;
  • Principal bus routes: 216, 217;
  • Nearest railway station: Guide Bridge;
  • Nearest tram stop: Audenshaw.


A super Saturday awaits Droylsdonians in the run-up to Christmas with live entertainment from 2.00pm and a funfair on Greenside Lane. There will also be a craft fair in the Concord Suite from 10.00am to 4.00pm. The lights will be switched on for 6.30pm, followed by a fireworks display.

  • Date: Saturday 29 November 2014;
  • Switch-on time: 6.30pm;
  • Principal bus routes: 168, 169, 216, 217, 231;
  • Nearest railway station: Fairfield (short walk then 217 or 408 bus to Droylsden from the Trough, Audenshaw).
  • Nearest tram stop: Droylsden.


Dukinfield’s switch-on will as per usual, take place outside Dukinfield Town Hall. Musical entertainment will be provided for by The Yew Tree Singers. There will also be an appearance from Father Christmas and a postbox for letters to Santa himself.

  • Date: Thursday 27 November 2014;
  • Start time: 6.00pm;
  • Principal bus routes: 41, 330;
  • Nearest railway stations: Hyde North, Ashton-under-Lyne, Stalybridge.


The recently refurbished market ground and civic square will play host to Hyde’s switch-on. From the nearby town hall, there will also be live entertainment and fireworks.

  • Date: Friday 28 November 2014;
  • Start time: 6.30pm;
  • Principal bus routes: 201, 204, 206, 330, 343, 346, 389;
  • Nearest railway stations: Hyde Central, Newton (for Hyde).


Details of Stalybridge’s celebrations have been revealed. The big switch on will take place at 5pm on Grosvenor Square (outside The Society Rooms). There will be entertainment from the Chloe Troy, Willow Wood Choir and Stalybridge Old Band and our friends from Judges Bar will be DJing.

Santa will also be there, on one condition that his friends from Greater Manchester Police, and Fire and Rescue Service will rescue him. Chloe Troy, dressed as one of the characters from Frozen will be switching the big light on.

  • Date: Saturday 29 November 2014;
  • Start time: 5.00pm;
  • Principal bus routes: 236, 237, 343, 348, 353, 354, 389, 408;
  • Nearest railway stations: Stalybridge.


Will You Be Going?

Will you be looking forward to the Christmas Market in Ashton, or will be coaxing Father Christmas from the roof of The Society Rooms. Wherever you may be going, enjoy yourself.

S.V., 25 November 2014.

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