And it certainly isn’t the A666 either!

Regular drivers may be far from surprised as to where the UK’s real Road To Hell lies. The M6 between Cheshire and Staffordshire can be troublesome at times, and the M62 seems to have had road cones and a 50mph speed limit, between Ainley Top and the M1/M62 interchange since the start of this decade. The M25’s tropes are well publicised and form a metaphorical beltway between London and the rest of the United Kingdom.

In a Department for Transport survey, the slowest and worst section of motorway for driving along is between Junction 2 and Junction 3 of the M67 motorway. The former has a westbound exit and eastbound entrance, whereas the latter is the M67’s only fully fledged junction if you exclude Denton Island. Between St. Anne’s Church and Hyde’s branch of Morrisons, the 1.2 mile section is irksome enough to make walking along the A57, or catching the 201 bus more palatable. In its short section, road cones typically await the motorist.

In its present form, the M67 opened in September 1981, the same month as the Cheadle to Portwood section of the M63, part of today’s M60. The M67 was originally mooted to be Britain’s second Trans-Pennine motorway from Manchester (starting at the A57(M) Mancunian Way) to Sheffield. Besides today’s motorway, the equally controversial Stocksbridge Bypass runs along part of its projected route. In completed form, it would have joined up with today’s Junction 37 of the M1 motorway.

Besides the fact only a sixth of the motorway was completed, the Denton Island interchange never fails to nark off the most seasoned of drivers. A flyover was originally proposed, leaving the roundabout free for drivers wishing to join the M60. Manchester bound traffic wouldn’t have been bogged down by other road users on Manchester Road.

The joys of living in this borough!


S.V., 19 November 2014.

2 thoughts on “Official: M25’s No Longer The Road To Hell

  1. Catching the 201 is not more palitable, as it too gets caught in the Denton Island Roadworks….as do 206 & 317s. The last two times (both off-peak) I have been on a bus from Crown Point inbound, it has taken 10 minutes just to get up the slope from Oldham Street (Sainsburys) to the roundabout. The MEN article was pure motorists’ propoganda, failing to recognise that the A57 AND the A6017 are usually gridlocked when some idiot causes even a single vehicle accident as far away as Cheadle or Sharston on the M60. But I’m forgetting, motorists are always the victims of congestion – never the cause of congestion.


    1. Hi Phil,

      I fully concur with you on the state of the A6017 having seen the congestion for myself. Not only as a passenger aboard the 317 (15 minutes to get through Crown Point on one journey I made once, at around 1.30pm on a Saturday) but also as a pedestrian. From my workplace, just off Lingard Lane, I have walked to my usual stop on Stockport Road West (for the 330) and got there in quicker time than my boss who drove a similar distance.

      Not only that, some incidents on the M60 – again on the same 330 route – seem to have a knock-on effect on the A560. Therefore, the 15 minutes allocated to complete the journey from Hyde to Bredbury [Travellers’ Call] sometimes takes 30 minutes. On some occasions, half an hour up to Woodley Precinct! At that point, yours truly completes the rest of his journey on foot – and arrives at work ten minutes earlier than normal (though no time for pre-work coffee)!

      Definitely a case of ‘Forward with Top Gear Tim’ in the said article.

      Bye for now,



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