Tweed Brewing Company sets up home in Newton

Just off the 346 bus route (along the part hitherto SHMD’s 15 service), Hydonians can drink to the town’s first brewery since 1929. The Tweed Brewing Company have set up a microbrewery on Newton Business Park. Owned by father and son Dave and Sam Ward, this began life as a conversation over a few beers.

Its first beer, Winter Tweed, is set to be launched this week with the first 200 barrels due for delivery. Winter Tweed (4.1%) is described as a ‘dark mahogany ale’ with rich colour and flavour thanks to chocolate and Munich malts. This is balanced with subtle hops and a sweet caramel finish. It has already caught the eye of the Manchester Evening News as one of eleven ‘must-drink’ Christmas beers.

The newly formed brewery has appealed to local pubs and clubs, interested in stocking their ales, to email them or visit their Facebook page. Tweed Brewery Company is Tameside’s sixth microbrewery, akin to one microbrewery per 35,000 inhabitants. Hailed as ‘a new take on an old tradition’, it aims to appeal to contemporary tastes whilst respecting its traditions.

Once we see the first pump clips, expect to see a review on East of the M60.


S.V., 12 November 2014.

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