The Golden Oldie Bus Picture Show ’14: Autumnal Gold

This autumn’s collection of elderly buses in the Rochdale, Oldham and Tameside areas.

In the last quarter, the step entrance double decker seems to be dwindling in numbers. Older low floor equivalents seem to have been cascaded. Most notably in Bury and Rochdale where Mercedes Citaros ply their trade. This summer saw the departure of Greater Manchester’s only Dennis Arrow with 34088, a First Greater Manchester Volvo Olympian set to follow her.

Even so, the older low floor vehicles provide some interest and variation to the standard Wright StreetLites, Enviro400s and Volvo B9TLs.

Being as Monday’s usually a pretty pants night for television after Coronation Street’s two episodes, sit back, relax, pour your favourite drink and switch a device of some description on. Fire up the tablet, PC or the smartphone…

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First Greater Manchester Volvo B7TL/ALX400, YJ51 RCX, Oldham bus station
Quite a rare type for a First Greater Manchester’s part route journey from Oldham to Mossley [Railway Station] on the 343. The Alexander Dennis Volvo B7TL was originally First York’s vehicle. Prior to the date of this image [05 September 2014], it had been seen at First’s Rusholme depot.
Rosso LK51 XGY, Rochdale Interchange
As we are now into 2014 and closer to 2015, anything 10 years old or greater counts as a senior member of the UK bus fleetarati. Belying her advanced years in the new Rosso livery is LK51 XGY, a Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL. It was previously a dual door double decker owned by Metroline. Time flies by when you’re picking up at Whitworth!
First Greater Manchester Optare Solo MA51 AET, Rochdale Interchange
MA51 AET was among a number of Optare Solos purchased for the relaunched Centreline route known as “Metroshuttle”. This campaigner is about to start a local service from Rochdale Interchange.
First Greater Manchester Mercedes Citaro W179 BVP, Rochdale Interchange
Pretty common, much to the ire of its crews in Rochdale and Bury (I shan’t mention their nickname; it is unsuitable for a family blog) is the Mercedes Citaro. Once the flagship low floor single decker (seen on the 409 and 471 services), they are now seen on local services such as the 457. For a short period, W179 BVP had “Overground” branding.
Rosso LK03 NKA, Rochdale Interchange
Another ex-London bus, this time a recent purchase from Go Ahead London. Before then it had seen service with First London. LK03 NKA, an East Lancs Omnidekka bodied Scania is seen on the 435 service to Shaw, terminating at Buckstones.
First Greater Manchester X401 CSG, Rochdale Interchange
Interestingly the first bendibus to feature in our round-up of golden oldie buses! About to begin a journey on the 471 service to Bolton is X401 CSG, a Scania L94UA with a Wright Solar Fusion AB59D body. This was one of First Greater Manchester’s earliest bendibuses.
First Greater Manchester Volvo B7TL, YJ51 RAU, Hyde Bus Station
A recent arrival to First Greater Manchester’s Dukinfield depot is YJ51 RAU, another Volvo B7TL from First York. In the space of a year, this fellow will have gone from Stamford Bridge to Stalybridge, having been seen on the 389 service as well as the 350 and the 346 service seen above at Hyde bus station.
Harris Travel (Accrington), Dennis Javelin R140 XWF, Ashton-under-Lyne railway station
To finish our selection is R140 XWF, a Dennis Javelin coach seen on bus replacement service duties outside Ashton-under-Lyne railway station. Harris Travel’s vehicle previously saw service with Travel Management Solutions and Hulleys of Baslow.

That’s your lot till the next selection…

S.V., 10 November 2013.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Yes Stuart, YJ51 RAU was a very comfortable ride, and definitely a much-needed addition to First’s 346/389 fleet as these routes are becoming rather populous and over-crowded.


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