Tameside Bus Service Changes, Autumn 2014 (Or Should That Be Ashton Service Changes, Then?)

Traffic triggers latest tranche of service revisions

  • Slight change to 348’s Monday to Saturday timetable;
  • Route revision to some 350 journeys.
First Greater Manchester, Wright StreetLite, SN14 EAF Ashton-under-Lyne bus station
Common fare on the 348 service as seen on the 29 May 2014: First Greater Manchester’s state of the art Wright StreetLites.

Dear passenger: have you tried getting to Ashton-under-Lyne by road lately? To say it is awful could be an understatement unless you’re travelling after 7pm. Yours truly has resorted to reading Tolstoy between Crescent Road and Penny Meadow on the 346 as a consequence. Guess what? It is going to get worse, though the hold ups are partly due to the electrification of the ‘Old Lanky’ line. This time it is affecting Mossley Road and that’s before you mention the roadworks on BT and Asda roundabouts. Oh well…

Tameside’s set of service changes are only affecting First Greater Manchester’s services from their Dukinfield and Oldham garages. Namely the two most affected by roadworks at the BT roundabout end of Park Parade and Stamford Street.

26 October 2014 service changes

The 348 service from Ashton to Carrbrook, via Stalybridge will see some minor retimings on Monday to Saturday journeys. This is to improve reliability, something which comes as no surprise thanks to recent roadworks.

This for similar reasons is true of the 350, now affected by the closure of Mossley Road between the BT roundabout and the Albion School building. More long term changes are set to affects some of its weekday and Saturday daytime journeys.

At present, six daytime [Monday to Saturday] journeys per hour call at Hey Farm Estate. From the 27 October, this will be reduced to four per hour. The remaining two per hour will terminate at Micklehurst serving Mansfield Road and Micklehurst Road, possibly turning right at Winterford Road onto Huddersfield Road prior turning right onto Micklehurst Road.

Even so, Hey Farm Estate residents have five/six daytime buses per hour on Mondays to Saturdays, with the blow softened by late January’s change of route to the 343 service (Stott’s Tours and Stagecoach Manchester being exceptions to FirstGroup’s near monopoly). It is still better than the 1996 timetable where 350s operated every 20 minutes. Today’s full length route to Saddleworth and Oldham is a vast improvement on the 352 service (every two hours, weekdays only) prior to October 2004.

02 November 2014 service change

A minor change affects weekday passengers of the 409 service. Two part route workings from Ashton to Oldham (departing at 1836 and 1844) will be replaced by a single journey at 1840. In the other direction, an additional part route journey will be added between Rochdale and Oldham, departing at 1852.

PLUS: two other service changes outside of Tameside…

  • The Hulme’s Bridge Ferry across the Manchester Ship Canal from Flixton to Irlam will finish for its winter and early spring break;
  • From one of the oldest to the most recent forms of transport, the Manchester Airport Metrolink Line from St. Werburgh’s Road to Ringway, via Wythenshawe Civic Centre is set to open on the 03 November 2014. Expect to see a review and/or pictorial feature of the new line on East of the M60 shortly after!

S.V., 21 October 2014.


8 thoughts on “Tameside Bus Service Changes, Autumn 2014 (Or Should That Be Ashton Service Changes, Then?)

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  1. the 350s that turn at Mickehurst will turn on mansfield road then left up past sunlight all though i have been told the other way round i wonder if there will be any fleet changes this weekend and the OM duty revert back to PR

    pioneer fleet as up tonight is
    40324 to 27
    40403 ?? accident damaged
    41780/81/83 to 87
    42940/41/44/45 42/43 not now coming
    53148 to 50

    i have not included TFGM owned buses

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the update. Shame about 40403, one of the oldest yet smoothest Dennis Dart SLFs. Needless to say, I do share your love of the First Devon and Cornwall Darts owing to their smooth ride quality and decent legroom.

      Bye for now,


      P.S. Welcome back to East of the M60, long time no comment. 🙂


      1. i saw 42943 when i was now in Cornwall those 4 we have are the best in the fleet when in cornwall i also went on 42872/76 those are beasts


  2. Further info about these changes is that far from the Oldham duty on 350 going back to Pioneer its a case of more duties on 350 transferring to Oldham Depot, with Oldham doing most Oldham and Hey Farm journeys on 350 and only the odd journey on 348s, they’ve also got the odd full journey in the evening on 343 aswell.

    Also interesting is that First Tameside have now lost the late duty on 64 Oldham-Middleton service which will now be operated by Oldham Depot


    1. i though Oldham would just do the Ashton Oldham trips if they have taken over the whole service they will need 9 more buses from pioneer


      1. Oldham have only took over the Oldham/Hey Farm turnbacks with Ashton depot doing the Micklehurst turnbacks on 350, but yes Oldham are apparently getting buses from Ashton Depot to cover as 350 duties Oldham are doing need Streetlites and B9s


  3. i have a clearer picture of what is going on with the 350 most but not all are been run from Oldham depot using pioneer buses with on hire to First Manchester stickers on front nearside window noted are 37437/38/66/ 47470 and 47481 and 2 others i could not confirm yet some short trips are still done by pioneer its self what happens is Oldham to Ashton/ Ashton to Hey Farm and back then back to Oldham also with stagecoach it looks like 219 is run from AZ mostly as i nocited a change over at Ashton bus stn with 12122


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