Ashton Baker Retires After 45 Years

Popular bakery set to close

Bowker's Meat and Meat and Potato Pies
Two of their finest: the large meat pie, and their meat and potato pies. Hurry while stocks last.

It has survived the three-day working week, Thatcherism and BBC Radio One’s alienation of its core audience. After 45 years, baker Richard Bowker is set to hang up his apron for good.

R. Bowker Bakers and Confectioners on the corner of Penny Meadow and Old Cross Street, Ashton-under-Lyne is set to close on the 27 September 2014 [Saturday]. Since 1969 it has offered fresh bread, cakes, sandwiches and pies. We at East of the M60 over the last year have enjoyed each of their hot pies including their most elusive one – their small Pork Pie. So much so we have judged their place as The Best Pie Shop in Ashton.

So far, there’s no news as to whether or not the unit will remain a bakery. With Tameside College set to return part of its campus to Ashton town centre, this could be a useful outlet for their bakery classes’ wares.

We wish Mr. Bowker the very best in his retirement. Many thanks for the good times and the good pies.

S.V., 15 September 2014.


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