Return of the Tommy Shop: Tories to Introduce Prepaid Cards on ‘Troubled Families’

Prepaid cards for social security claimants with ‘destructive habits’ planned for next year

At the very zenith of the industrial revolution, back when Oldham, Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester prospered from the cotton industries, its mill owners wielded great power on its employees. Its working hours, use of child labour and poor conditions led to the rise of the trade union movement. Though some were altruistic and built excellent facilities for their staff (case in point, Hugh Mason House and the Twelve Apostles in Ashton-under-Lyne), the popular image of mill owners was at best devious. Continue reading “Return of the Tommy Shop: Tories to Introduce Prepaid Cards on ‘Troubled Families’”

Any Bus, Anywhere, in Greater Manchester: Introducing TfGM’s Route Explorer

A look at Transport for Greater Manchester’s exciting new travel planning tool

First Greater Manchester Volvo B7TL/ALX400, YJ51 RCX, Oldham bus station
Never miss a bus again: TfGM’s Route Explorer enables you to find bus stops and routes nearest to your locality. It details all bus services throughout the Greater Manchester area and offers links to its timetable library.

The lack of a decent travel planner has probably been a bone of contention for Greater Manchester’s bus users. With Google Maps and First Greater Manchester’s mobile app telling you when the next 343’s due, as well as directions on foot, it seemed as if TfGM and its contemporaries would fall behind. Continue reading “Any Bus, Anywhere, in Greater Manchester: Introducing TfGM’s Route Explorer”

Tameside Reporter Returns to Ashton

Tameside Radio also follows suit as Quest Media Group moves operations to Cavendish Mill annexe

Another chapter in the Tameside Reporter’s history continues as they leave Stalybridge, headquarters to both Tameside Reporter and Glossop Chronicle titles since 1986.

After a 28 year sojourn on Acres Lane, Stalybridge, the Tameside Reporter is set to return to its roots in Ashton-under-Lyne this coming Monday [29 September 2014]. In tow will be its sister newspaper, the Glossop Chronicle, and Tameside Radio, who have used the modern offices as a temporary studio in the last year. Continue reading “Tameside Reporter Returns to Ashton”

The Shock of the Old: Film or Digital Photography?

Is new really cracked up to be or is old better? Here’s the second of a series of posts on East of the M60.

For our second post in the series, the advantages and disadvantages of email and the Royal Mail are analogous to both digital and film media.

In our second post under The Shock of the Old, we focus on the differences between film and digital photography. In other words, the joys of waiting for your holiday photos or sharing them online. Continue reading “The Shock of the Old: Film or Digital Photography?”

A 1969 Space Oddity: David Frost’s Moon Party

Ground control to Major Frost?

  • Broadcasted: 1700 hours, 20 July 1969 – 0300 hours, 21 July 1969 (ITV);
  • Presenter: David Frost;
  • Showbiz guests: Sammy Davis Junior, Cliff Richard, Lulu, Englebert Humperdinck, Peter Cook, Mary Hopkin, Hattie Jacques, Eric Sykes;
  • Interviewed guests: Ray Bradbury (walked out before interview), A.J.P. Taylor, Dame Sybil Thorndike, Desmond Morris;
  • Produced by: London Weekend Television;
  • Further information: original VT long deleted.

Just over 45 years ago, rolling news meant correctly folding today’s copy of The Daily Telegraph. The thought of broadcasting for 10 continuous hours was unheard of in 1969. Television used to finish an hour or so after the public houses did. Sky News wouldn’t surface till twenty years later, and Rupert Murdoch was only months away from taking over The Sun from the Daily Mirror‘s owners. Continue reading “A 1969 Space Oddity: David Frost’s Moon Party”

Scare on a Shoestring: A Look at Threads

A gory picture of Sheffield before, during and after a nuclear attack

  • Starring: Reece Dinsdale, Karen Meagher;
  • Co-featuring: David Brierley, Rita May, Jane Hazlegrove;
  • Narrator: Paul Vaughan;
  • Companies: BBC/Nine Network/Western-World Television Inc.;
  • Transmitted: Sunday, 23 September 1984, BBC Two, 2130 hours;
  • Writer: Barry Hines;
  • Director and Producer: Mick Jackson.

WARNING: this piece may contain spoilers.

Britain in 1984 was hardly the best year for one’s formative years, mine included. Fellow children of the 1980s were affected by the rigours of high unemployment. There was also the Miners’ Strike; service cuts thanks to the introduction of rate capping. A certain Yorkshire group was kept off the top spot by a Liverpudlian group singing about the threat of nuclear war. The promotional video, produced by Godley and Creme, saw lookalikes of Ronald Reagan and Konstantin Chernenko slugging it out in a pit. Continue reading “Scare on a Shoestring: A Look at Threads”

DevoManc: Could the Republic of Greater Mancunia Become Reality?

Q: Are We Not Men? A: No, We Are Manc

The United Kingdom: a population of around 62 million. One that is still united in its post-1707 form thanks to Better Together winning the argument (55% against Scottish Independence on Friday 19 September 2014). In the light of Scotland’s big day, which recorded a record turnout, there was calls for devolution in England. Not only an English Parliament (as suggested by Wokingham and Wellingborough Conservative MPs John Redwood and Peter Bone respectively) but also city-wide devolution.

In short, the possibility of a Republic of Mancunia. More realistically, a realisation that the 1986 abolition of the Metropolitan County Councils was a retrograde step?
Continue reading “DevoManc: Could the Republic of Greater Mancunia Become Reality?”

On Reflection: The Definitive Collection of Visual Works by John Tribe

A profile and reappraisal of the illustrator’s works.

Previously published on East of the M60 as On Reflection: The Collected Visual Works of John Tribe on the 10 June 2014.

Though not one of East of the M60’s most read pieces, the original piece attracted the attention John Tribe himself! He was ‘flattered and speechless’ to say the least, and needless to say, I was amazed too. Amazed in the same sense how Joe Royle described 1989-90 as his ‘pinch-me’ season with the Latics going to Wembley.

Since then, I have had continued contact with Mr. Tribe who has kindly furnished me with further details, corrections and clarifications. Hence the slight change to the title.

Many thanks to John, not only for the research notes,  but also for the two lovely architectural books I received. One of which had been on my Christmas or birthday present list for the last five years.

Stuart Vallantine,
John Tribe,
Saturday 20 September 2014.

*                              *                              *

Continue reading “On Reflection: The Definitive Collection of Visual Works by John Tribe”

Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside: September 2014

Recent changes to the borough’s retail offerings

The Ladysmith Centre, Ashton-under-Lyne
A general view of The Ladysmith Centre, photographed on a quiet Sunday in February 2013.
  • Return of the Ashton Christmas Market;
  • Stalybridge health shop closure;
  • Last link with Ashton-under-Lyne Cooperative Society ended;
  • Ashton and Denton affected by Phones4U liquidation.

With one quarter of the financial year over comes the latest rent reviews. The recent summer plus fear, uncertainty and doubt over The Great EU Vacuum Cleaner Panic seen in the mid-market newspapers, may have been a fillup for the economy. Closer to home, the last month has brought mixed news for our borough’s shoppers. Continue reading “Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside: September 2014”

Tameside Hippodrome Reopening Confirmed

Curtain up for 2015 reopening

Tameside Hippodrome, 29 March 2008: Last Night
“The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated…” – Mark Twain. Professional theatre is set to return to Tameside next year.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the return of professional theatre to the Tameside area. Dominating the front page of this week’s Tameside Reporter is news of the Tameside Hippodrome’s reopening. The theatre, closed since 2008, is set to reopen in 2015 – 111 years since its original opening – and 39 years since its reopening for live theatre. Continue reading “Tameside Hippodrome Reopening Confirmed”