For One Day Only… The 10/10A Returns to Dukinfield

Journey set to whisk passengers back in time along former route

Daimler CVG6, VTU 76, Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield Transport and Electricity Board
Your chariot on the 10/10A, last Saturday in August: VTU 76, a restored Daimler CVG6 seen at the 2011 Trans-Lancs Vehicle Rally displaying indicators for what is now the southern part of the 346 service.

Bus enthusiasts in Dukinfield and surrounding areas, and long time residents, are set for a summer treat. The former SHMD Daimler CVG6, VTU 76, is set to revisit its spiritual home, on the former 10/10A bus routes.

From 11am, on the 30 August, the centre loading double decker will be making the first of six departures from Dukinfield Town Hall. It will then traverse over most of the former 10 and 10A routes, long replaced by First Greater Manchester’s 41 service to Tennyson Avenue. It is set to continue via King Street, Boyd’s Walk, Birch Lane, Oxford Road, Lodge Lane, Fir Tree Lane and Lyne Edge Road, before returning to the town hall via Yew Tree Lane and Dewsnap Lane. The circular tours are free, on a first come first served basis.

Since SHMD’s absorption by SELNEC PTE on the 01 November 1969, 76 has been in the care of David Jones and the Keighley Bus Museum. It has previously been seen in Dukinfield to commemorate the park’s centenary, albeit in the late 1940s darker green SHMD livery. As seen above, it is regularly seen at transport gatherings, now sporting the final lighter green SHMD livery.

As someone who has had the joy of boarding this vehicle, it is well worth the trip. For maximum engine thrash, go for the backwards facing front seat on the lower deck. As for the top deck, it goes without saying – best vantage point for the section along Yew Tree Lane.

• On the following Sunday, temporary changes (owing to the Oldham Road bridge works) made to the 10/10A’s ultimate forerunner, will be made permanent. Therefore, the Crowhill to Ashton section curtailed by the bridge works will come under a new 339 service (ironically, the SELNEC/Greater Manchester Transport number allocated for the 10/10A along with the 340). Increased traffic on Lord Sheldon Way and King Street has prompted the 41’s reversion to its 2007 route.

Buses to Dukinfield Town Hall:

  • 41: from Tennyson Avenue and Ashton-under-Lyne;
  • 330: from Ashton-under-Lyne, Hyde, Woodley and Stockport;
  • 408: from Droylsden, Stalybridge, Oldham and Shaw.

S.V., 31 July 2014.


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  1. I wonder if any chance the David Jones mentioned is my old Hyde Clarendon College tutor who used to drive for Pennine Blue. Just been showing this to my dad and according to him, my grandfather took this bus on its first test drive following delivery. He worked as a fitter and then later foreman at Tame Valley on Park Road.


    1. Here’s a very belated reply! No, I’m not the same David Jones, since I left Hyde Grammar as a pupil in 1973, some time before the other David Jones arrived. By chance I did meet him at an Examiners’ Meeting in London a few years ago, and we were both surprised by how many people were mutual acquaintances!


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