In Pictures: Highlights of the Mossley and Uppermill Whit Walks

Whit Friday morning, Mossley and Uppermill, 08 June 2014

The people of Mossley and Uppermill turned out in their thousands to see the Whit Walks and were treated to some glorious weather. Compared with last year, where winter coats and umbrellas were the order of the day, it was shirt sleeves all round.

As with Dukinfield’s walks, marshals instead of police were the order of the day. They were brought in from external bodies, instead of opting for volunteer labour from each church. Both were generally well organised apart from a comedic moment with a plastic barrier outside High Street, Uppermill, in trying to let a Manchester bound 184 bus through.

*                               *                               *

1. Mossley’s Whit Walks

Yorkshire Traction Honley Band, Arundel Street, Mossley
Yorkshire Traction Honley Band.
St. John the Baptist, Arundel Street, Mossley
St. John the Baptist Church.
Mossley Methodist Church, Arundel Street, Mossley
Mossley Methodist Church.
All Saints Micklehurst, Arundel Street, Mossley
All Saints Church, Micklehurst.
'Orange Band' Name Unknown, Manchester Road, Mossley
I would be grateful if anybody knew who this band is, walking up towards Stamford Road. Whoever guesses correctly, there’s a pint of cask conditioned ale waiting for you at The Britannia or The Commercial.
Mossley Methodist Church, Manchester Road, Mossley
Mossley Methodist Church, led out by…
Wardle Academy, Manchester Road, Mossley
Wardle Academy Brass Band.
Mossley Band, Manchester Road, Mossley
Here goes another good Whit Walks in Mossley and, as seen here, Mossley Band about to make the climb up Stamford Road.

*                               *                               *

2. Uppermill’s Whit Walks

Dobcross Band (northbound)
Dobcross Band.
Holy Trinity Sunday School Dobcross (northbound)
Holy Trinity Sunday School, Dobcross.
Saddleworth Church (northbound)
Saddleworth Church Sunday School.
Sacred Heart Uppermill (northbound)
Sacred Heart Uppermill, heading northbound.
Diggle Band (northbound)
Diggle Band, leading out Saddleworth Church.
Uppermill Methodist Church (southbound)
Uppermill Methodist Church.
St. Annes Church Lydgate (southbound)
St. Annes Church, Lydgate.
Sacred Heart Uppermill (southbound)
Sacred Heart Uppermill: here goes a glorious Whit Walk in the centre of Uppermill.

*                               *                               *

One More Thing (a note for next year): 

Whit Friday 2015 will fall on the 29 May 2015. Therefore, the timetable for next year’s Whitsuntide celebrations is:

  • Whit Sunday (Pentecost): 24 May 2015;
  • Whit Monday: 25 May 2015 (also Spring Bank Holiday);
  • Whit Friday: 29 May 2015;
  • Trinity Sunday: 31 May 2015.

S.V., 14 June 2014.


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