New timetable sees three trains per hour to West Yorkshire

Stalybridge Station and Class 185

From the 18 May, there will be more Yorkshire bound trains from Stalybridge railway station. The new timetable will not only see the retention of its service to Scarborough and Liverpool Lime Street. Stalybridge will also be an additional stop on the Manchester Piccadilly to Hull Paragon service. Therefore, including the all stations service to Huddersfield, there will be three trains per hour to Huddersfield. Services to Leeds and Manchester Piccadilly will be every half hour.

Furthermore, there will be two trains per hour for Liverpool Lime Street on Transpennine Express’ services. As well as the Scarborough train, its service from Newcastle Central will be extended to call at Liverpool Lime Street. This will call at Manchester Victoria instead of Manchester Piccadilly.

As a result of this, the all stations service from Stalybridge to Liverpool Lime Street will terminate at Manchester Victoria. Therefore, only two trains per hour and peak hour extras instead of three per hour calling at Ashton-under-Lyne. On the upside, the all stations Huddersfield service will be extended to Wigan Wallgate via the Atherton line, with some journeys extended to Southport. The second Victoria train from Stalybridge will be a shuttle also calling at Ashton-under-Lyne. Some journeys will continue to Blackburn and Wigan Wallgate.

Sunday trains will remain twice hourly with the all stations service from Manchester Victoria to Huddersfield seeing some revision. The present service departs from Huddersfield four minutes after its express counterpart. From the 18 May, fifteen minutes earlier than TPE’s service to Liverpool Lime Street. There will be a four minute gap between Northern’s and TPE’s service at Stalybridge station.

Passengers from Slaithwaite, Marsden, Greenfield and Mossley wishing to use Manchester Piccadilly will be encouraged to change at Stalybridge.

Though the new timetable means losing the all stations train to Liverpool Lime Street, there will be a greater choice of direct services to and from Stalybridge. Wigan will be in easy reach, also allowing another Anglo-Scottish route option by transferring from Wallgate to North Western station. Leigh’s a 582 bus away from Atherton station. Plus, the addition of Hull trains to Stalybridge means greater scope for holidaying in Bridlington, or connections with the Rotterdam ferry. The extra train to Manchester Piccadilly is another boost, one likely to compensate for the loss of the 217/218 bus services.

A Summary of Rail Services from Stalybridge (18 May – 13 December 2014 timetable):

Mondays to Saturdays:

  • Huddersfield: 12 minutes past the hour (all stations), 25 minutes past the hour and 6 minutes to hour;
  • Leeds: 25 minutes past the hour and 6 minutes to hour;
  • Liverpool Lime Street: 10 to the hour;
  • Hull Paragon: 6 minutes to the hour;
  • Scarborough: 25 minutes past the hour;
  • Manchester Piccadilly: quarter past the hour and 10 to the hour;
  • Manchester Victoria: 14 minutes to the hour and 12 minutes past the hour;
  • Ashton-under-Lyne: 14 minutes to the hour and 12 minutes past the hour;
  • Wigan Wallgate: 14 minutes to the hour.


  • Huddersfield: 25 minutes past the hour and 28 minutes past the hour (all stations);
  • Leeds: 25 minutes past the hour;
  • Liverpool Lime Street: 10 to the hour;
  • Scarborough: 25 minutes past the hour;
  • Manchester Piccadilly: 10 to the hour;
  • Manchester Victoria: 14 minutes to the hour;
  • Ashton-under-Lyne: 14 minutes to the hour.

Before I go…

Happy with a direct link to Hull or the extra train per hour to Manchester Piccadilly? Peeved at the fact you need to change trains to get to Earlestown? Feel free to comment on the new timetable whether positive or negative.

S.V., 18 April 2014

11 thoughts on “Transpennine Express Service Boost for Stalybridge

  1. Interesting thing is that despite these extra TPX’s running from Stalybridge to Manchester Victoria they won’t be running via Ashton as you many people might think, instead they will operating via the current route as far as Ashburys where it take the line via Phillips Park and Miles Platting into Victoria


    1. Hi Andrew,

      That is quite a bizarre route, especially so given the amount of train movements between Ashburys and Guide Bridge. I wonder if this, coupled with fewer trains per hour on The Old Lanky route, is to allow for the completion of the electrification works? Or, I wonder if more goods trains may be going via Ashton.

      Bye for now,



    1. I hope not! I’m planning a Saveaway day with my dad and we’ll be getting the train from Swinton through to Kirkby.


      1. Hi Trystan,

        Though I’ve yet to see the new Atherton line timetable, my money’s on the Kirkby train starting from Rochdale instead of Stalybridge. Or, Todmorden, with Burnley Manchester Road by Christmas 2014.

        Bye for now,



  2. Stuart, do you know if the disused Island platform at Rochdale is being brought back into use? Also, it would be good for the P&R facility if the powers that be opened up the other entrance to the station on Miall St. You would be able to walk straight down Sarah St then from the car park and cross Miall St entering the station underpass. I am impressed at the amount of spaces available at the new P&R facility, inclusive of 2 electric car charge points, but I have to admit that it feels somewhat isolated from the Met and Railway station with a long walk under the arches which are quite intimidating and would assume more so for a young lady at night.


    1. hi trystan the disused platform is still deemed live for use in turning back late running services from leeds etc and to allow turnbacks incase of engineering works.
      the south side station entrance is being opened up but its the powers that be at net rail holding up progress for tfgm im told. it was supposed to be open by march but this hasnt materialised


  3. If there are more trains at Stalybridge, this should be matched with increased parking facilities there. They are worse than poor at the moment.


    1. Hi Buspilot,

      There seems to be a lack of suitable space near Stalybridge railway station for alternative car parking facilities, anywhere in the town centre. Much of that owing to the street level south side (where the coal sidings were till 1967) being taken up by industrial units and the bricking up of the south exit of the subway.

      Today’s lorry park, off Hully Street near the industrial units could be ideal, though only if the units weren’t built in the first place. The ticket office could have been moved to one of the arches.

      The next nearest bit of open space to the station is the former IMI Range site (which was considered as a possible future site for Stalybridge’s TESCO store). Though with potential for car parking space, it would still be a fair distance from the railway station on foot. Plus, it may require the re-routing of one bus service away from Armentieres Square (the post 27 April 2014 version of the 408) to allow drivers to make a two stop journey to the railway station – possibly free on production of a rail season ticket.

      The lorry depot opposite the station forecourt would have to be purchased by Transpennine Express/Transport for Greater Manchester/Tameside MBC. I doubt as if present company would be wanting to move as yet.

      Bye for now,



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