JPT Back on Track: Business As Usual

Services set to operate as normal again

JPT Travel Enviro300, ST59 JPT, Ashton-under-Lyne
JPT Travel’s 217 service in its present form seen at Ashton-under-Lyne bus station.

The latest news in relation to JPT Travel is that it will be business as usual. The Middleton operator advised Transport for Greater Manchester that they will continue to run its tendered and commercial services, in spite of rumours of its demise.

Therefore, the latest news may come as a relief for regular passengers who use their services around North Manchester, Oldham and Tameside. We hope something positive arises in the long term.

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+++ Update, 18 April 2014 (Good Friday) +++

Here’s a small selection of pictures from today’s operations:

JPT Travel, S156 KNK, Church Street, Manchester
Volvo Olympian S156 KNK, seen on the 118 service to North Manchester General Hospital on Church Street, Manchester.
JPT Travel Optare Excel, V387 KVY, Shudehill Interchange
About to leave for Heaton Park is V387 KVY, an Optare Excel seen at Shudehill Interchange.
JPT Travel Plaxton Primo, YX60 DWZ, Shudehill Interchange
Seen laying over at Shudehill Interchange is a more modern constituent of JPT Travel’s fleet, which is YX60 DWZ, a Plaxton Primo.

S.V., 18 April 2014.

10 thoughts on “JPT Back on Track: Business As Usual

    1. Hi Paul,

      It came from what I thought was a dependable source, one which has often been spot on. Then I found TfGM’s tweet on the situation, so I’ve gone along with them as the definitive source.

      Hence of course the apology on the previous post and the closure of comments.

      Kind regards,



  1. Stagecoach will be taking over all JPT operations from Saturday 26 April and…

    Just saw a JPT enviro 300 over the pits at Stagecoach’s Hyde Road Depot.


  2. So things were as bad as first rumoured, to be honest their vehicles have seen better days, I suspected even when recent rumours were quashed that things wern’t as good as made out on the basis that buses were getting worse, a Volvo Olimpian had such a rough engine, it could be heard a block away on my last visit. Other vehicles looked down at heel, or maybe the Manchester rain has become darker in colour.


    1. I don’t understand why the rumours were quashed – they were true, the company was due to close last Thursday but Stagecoach stepped in and basically supplied them with diesel and made minor repairs to some vehicles to keep them going while registrations for the services on Stagecoach’s licence went through.


  3. Hi I’ve just spent the morning around Middleton bus station and all the jpt services were being operated by Stagecoach Wigan operations.


  4. Stagecoach Wigan Trystan, I’d heard it was Hyde Road Depot?

    Has Stagecoach Manchester actually bought JP Travel? Did they buy the depot and buses? What has happened to Janet and Pete Walsh, the owners?

    I thought it would be the nail in the coffin for JP when Stagecoach bought their Middleton Depot. It was then competing with two massive transport giants.

    Do you think that other operators like South Lancs Travel should start to worry about the very rapid expansions of both First and Stagecoach? Do you think Arriva will start thinking of expansion in Greater Manchester?


    1. I don’t know if Wigan were involved at all, but after Hyde Road helped out in the first few days, it has been just Middleton depot running “Jpt” services. As most will have read, the CMA are not happy with the Stagecoach takeover, despite the fact that the alternative would have been services and jobs lost overnight!

      Generally speaking smaller operators should have no worries at all at this (not so rapid) expansion of First and Stagecoach. NONE of the take overs in GM over the last 8 years or so have been “hostile”. For different reasons, Maynes, Bluebird and Finglands all wanted out of the industry. Jpt is different again, but rumour has it the situation is similar to Maytree in that they couldn’t obtain insurance to continue. The only reason for small operators to “worry” is if they instigate their own attack on First or Stagecoach.
      I doubt Arriva would be considering expansion. They gave up the ghost on the 16 and have cut the 263.
      People have got to accept that the bus industry outside London is in terminal decline – albeit more slowly than in the late 1980s – and talk of First and/or Stagecoach having a monopoly in a given area is utter bunkum. Every bus company is in competition with the private car and taxis, and increasingly with cycles and rail. All these modes get much stronger “political” support than the bus industry, whether its professional politicians blind love of everything on rails, or “law enforcers” constantly turning a blind eye to taxis illegally blocking bus stops thousands of times a day, and cyclists terrorising pedestrians* millions of times a day.

      *Bus passengers spend more time as pedestrians than users of other modes.


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