Oldham Road closed for bridge works and electrification

  • Temporary diversions on the 168, 169, 409 and 419 services;
  • 41 service curtailed.

Starting this Monday (03 March) till the 18 April 2014, will be the first of a three part series of road works affecting Ashton and Dukinfield bus users. These concern preparatory works for the electrification of the York – Huddersfield – Manchester Victoria route. As a consequence, the southbound section of Oldham Road between Wellington Road/Lord Sheldon Way and Boodle Street will be closed to traffic.

The second phase will see both north and south lanes of Oldham Road (between Boodle Street and Wellington Road/Lord Sheldon Way) closed. This will start on the 19 April and last till the 24 May. Phase three will see the southbound lane closed. This will take place from the 25 May to the 31 July.

All three parts of Network Rail’s engineering works will be completed by the 31 July 2014, a week into the schools’ summer holidays in most parts of Greater Manchester.

Therefore, five services have been affected with temporary diversions for the 168, 169, 409 and 419 services. The 41, which has continued to Crowhill since 2011, will terminate at its pre-2011 terminus which is Stand F at Ashton-under-Lyne bus station. Its timetable will be revised a little to improve timekeeping.

The 168 and 169 will see Chorlton and Southern Cemetery bound buses negotiate the normal route with Ashton bound journeys diverted via Crowhill and Ashton Moss.

Passengers on the 409 service will be diverted via Turner Lane (Northbound) or Henrietta Street (Southbound), Broadoak Road, Wood Lane and Wilshaw Lane. There will be one intermediate stop outside The Broadoak Hotel, where passengers can change for other services.

To compensate for the curtailment of the 41 service, the 419 will serve Crowhill estate proper before joining Oldham Road via Taunton Road.

The 395 and 396 services to Limehurst Farm and Newton Heath are unaffected, as their normal route avoids Oldham Road prior to reaching the TESCO Express store (the late Wellington).

For further information, check the Transport for Greater Manchester website or any updates from Stagecoach Manchester and First Greater Manchester’s site. Or you could download our little map (updates will be released prior to the start of phases two and three).

S.V., 28 February 2014.

9 thoughts on “Tameside (Temporary) Service Changes: Network Rail Electrification Works, Ashton-under-Lyne

    1. Hi Michael,

      I hope so myself, though speculation has suggested refurbished Class 319s would be used for local services. I’m expecting them to arrive over new trains, given the amount of trouble Northern Rail has had in trying procure extra carriages for existing stock, let alone new trains!

      Bye for now,



  1. This is the second part of the works. The first was the rebuilding of Henrietta Street bridge last year.


    1. It’s actually the third phase. The first being the bridge on Richmond Street which was replaced a couple of years ago.


      1. Hellos to Buspilot and Felix,

        Yes, definitely the third phase as Felix said, but actually the first of three phases within the third phase. (A little confusing).

        Byes for now,



  2. It also seems that either my driver went the wrong way on Saturday or 409s on their way to Ashton aren’t stopping at Town Hall in Ashton as he came straight down Henrietta Street then turned right onto the By-Pass and into Ashton Bus Station that way.

    The only problem I found with the diversion on Saturday was the traffic lights at the Henrietta Street/New By-Pass and Henrietta Street/Wellington Road Junctions which didn’t seem to be timed with each other with one set changing to red while the other set are still on green, the timings on both are out as well. Obviously this was causing a backlog of traffic on Henrietta Street and this was only at about dinnertime on Saturday, I suppose it can only get worse at School finishing times


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Regarding the 409 diversion, it will be limited stop between the former Dog and Partridge in Waterloo and Ashton-under-Lyne bus station, with only one intermediate stop outside The Broadoak Hotel.

      Today should be interesting!

      Bye for now,



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