Did I Really Want One of Those? 13. Frosty Mug

Does this object really cut the ice?

05 January 2014, 9.30pm: Day One in the Big Brother house. Nessa is wondering who switched off the fridge freezer and is peeved at the prospect of lukewarm lager. Elsewhere, Roger says ‘could you drink this instead?’ [pointing to a bottle of Stockport’s finest]. Nessa says it is too warm as she realises that something else was stored in the fridge freezer besides her lager. Within moments, fellow housemate Samantha is seen with a frozen beaker.

Nessa cried ‘how did you do that when the freezer’s off?’

Samantha replied ‘I left this in the garage. Pretty parky out here.’

We elaborate on the raffle prize in our previous entry.

Frosty Mug

The sub-zero conditions of a typical British winter may be no time for a cold lager, but a boon whilst watching televised sport. Thanks to the wonders of frost friendly plastic, we have the joys of the frosted beer mug.

They are a boon in the sense you don’t need to fill them with ice cubes, which is good for beer drinkers unwilling to water down their pints. Instead, the Frosty Mug can be placed in the freezer or on top of Hobson Moor in the winter (latter option not recommended by the way). And it stays cold, in the same way a Thermos flask keeps tea hot for long periods.

The best places to find Frosty Mugs would be variety stores like Wilkinson or the internet. They are also a popular corporate giftware option, or often available as football souvenirs. Prices can range from £2.65 to £10, depending on retailers and other embellishments or markups.

They are best enjoyed with proper continental lagers (or with lagers from Bury and Buxton) rather than traditional bottle conditioned ales.

*                                *                                *

2013 price: £2.65 (Amazon.co.uk, checked on the 29 November 2013).

S.V., 13 December 2013.


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