Did I Really Want One of Those? 7. The K-Tel Bottle Cutter

New glasses from old.

31st December 2013: New Year’s Eve! I was having a real laugh with my children when I spoke to them about 1970s Stockport. I told them how on one occasion we ran out of glasses and used jam jars.

After telling them about your 1970s childhood, you remembered this device which turned beer bottles to drinks glasses or vases:

The K-Tel Bottle Cutter

In the cost conscious 1970s, Messrs Kives and Company hit upon a way where households could recycle beer bottles. Instead of trying to save petrol coupons or Green Shield stamps, you could use a handy little cutting device which would turn your Boddingtons bottles to glasses, vases or ashtrays.

The bottle would be rested on a brown cutting board. One complete turn would score the bottle with the cutting wheels. Step two, using the ‘Easyway Holder’ (a piece of plastic of course), you would hold and rotate the bottle using both hands. The scored section would be placed over a candle. After rubbing an ice cube over the scored edge, your glass was almost complete. The final steps would see the edges smoothed with powder and paper. Say hello to your new ashtray, set of glasses or vases. Yippee.

Though the K-Tel Bottle Cutter has been discontinued for several years, you can still get bottle cutting kits from art and craft shops. The Generation Green range of products enables you to do the same, at the princely sum of around £29.95.

*                                *                                *

1973 price: $3.99.

2013 price: £6.20 (secondhand from eBay, checked 12 November 2013 – last bid 18 October 2012).

S.V., 07 December 2013.


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