Did I Really Want One of Those? East of the M60’s 2013 Advent Calendar

The presents of Christmas’ past , yours at the Special TV Offer Price of just £29.99…’

From the 01 December 2013 right up to Christmas Eve, East of the M60’s second Advent Calendar (because 2012 was an Advent Quiz) will take a different dimension. This time, it will celebrate/ridicule the type of stuff we requested for Christmas. Most of these items may have appeared in catalogues, or on television adverts featuring the immortal words ‘Not Available In Any Shops’.

On the conveyor belt this year we have:

  • Crap Gadgets: as seen on the K-Tel and Ronco adverts;
  • Compilation Albums: more bizarre the better;
  • Tragic Toys: knock-off versions of Transformers or downright dull playthings.

There will also be reference to the original prices and as to whether similar items are available today.

But Wait, There’s More!

Where possible, East of the M60 may be able to source suitable images and/or links relating to the item. Or include in part the author’s own experiences of the said goods.

S.V., 30 November 2013.


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