Here We Go a Cob-Coaling…

East of the M60 on a Bonfire Night tradition once practiced in and around Tameside

“We come a Cob-coaling for Bonfire time,
Your coal and your money we hope to enjoy.
Fal-a-dee, fal-a-die, fal-a-diddly-i-do-day.
For down in yon’ cellar there’s an owd umberella
And up on yon’ cornish there’s an owd pepperpot.
Pepperpot! Pepperpot! Morning ’till night.
If you give us nowt, we’ll steal nowt and bid you good night.
Up a ladder, down a wall, a cob o’coal would save us all.
If you don’t have a penny a ha’penny will do.
If you don’t have a ha’penny, then God bless you.
We knock at your knocker and ring at your bell
To see what you’ll give us for singing so well.”

In addition to All Hallow’s Eve (Hallowe’en or Halloween), the run-up to Bonfire Night was commemorated with the practice of Cob Coaling. The above twelve lines of a traditional folk song best explains this succinctly.

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Stagecoach Manchester Shortlisted for National Transport Awards

An Enviro400, usual fare on Stagecoach Manchester’s 231 service.

Stagecoach Manchester will represent the Greater Manchester area at this year’s UK Bus Awards ceremony, due to be held this month in London. The company, with 98 million passengers from Abbey Lakes to the Snake Pass is in the running for the ‘Top City Operator of the Year’’. They are also in the running for the prestigious ‘UK Bus Operator of the Year Award’. Continue reading “Stagecoach Manchester Shortlisted for National Transport Awards”