Less Remembered 1980s Children’s Programmes #1: Hold Tight

Our first of many posts on children’s television programming of the 1980s

1982 called East of the M60 HQ just now. It was looking for a copy of Ronco’s Breakout album and wondered why King Trigger’s The River didn’t get the UK chart position it deserved. Subsequently, some person in Preppy attire came around with this weird device. It was a primitive computer with rubber keys, a portable cassette recorder, Kempston joystick interface and an audio tape.

A thirty-something female attired as a Sloane Ranger came and told me to type ‘LOAD “alton”‘ but the dreaded B, N, M and Symbol Shift keys were being sluggish as usual. Then, 15 minutes later, mug of Yorkshire Tea and an ‘R Tape Loading Error’ message later, it returned these results: Continue reading “Less Remembered 1980s Children’s Programmes #1: Hold Tight”