Can You Get Yourself Connected With East of the M60‘s Quiz Connection?

East of the M60 have had quizzes before, though most of which have been multiple choice questions. Today, we’re going to be different. Enter The Quiz Connection.

For the purpose of this quiz, there are ten questions within each round. Each of the answers have one thing in common, which makes up The Quiz Connection.

For The Maths Connection round, just guess the number pattern which forms part of each correct answer.

Here’s our first round of The Quiz Connection:

Round One: Straight Connection

  1. Andrew ___________ and David Renwick, writers of End of Part One, Whoops Apocalypse and The Burkiss Way;
  2. Thomas ___________, Scottish philosopher;
  3. Tommy ___________, singer with 1969 Number One chart single, Dizzy;
  4. Dunham ___________, a stately home and park near Altrincham;
  5.  ___________, London suburb and former English base for Guinness brewery;
  6. Mark ___________, one time Nottingham Forest goalkeeper;
  7. Lucy ___________, Homes Under The Hammer co-presenter;
  8. Basil ___________, late of The Three Scampis, later supported by Derek Fowlds and Roy North;
  9. Ian ___________, former Crystal Palace and Arsenal player;
  10. (Cryptic Question) Dromedary favours Windows 8 user interface.

*                                  *                                  *

Round Two: Maths Connection

  1. I Wanna Be The Only ___________, a 1997 chart single by Eternal featuring Bebe Winans;
  2. Shirley Williams, William Rodgers, Roy Jenkins and David Owen were collectively known as the Gang of, which number?;
  3. In American Pool, which numbered ball is white with a yellow stripe?;
  4. With a Sinclair ZX81 computer, a RAM Pack would expand its memory to, how many kilobytes?;
  5. How many years are there in a Silver Jubilee?;
  6. Which bus route operates between Bolton and Manchester via Pendleton and Farnworth?;
  7. How many numbers does a UK lottery ticket have?;
  8. ‘When I Get Older, Losing My Hair…’ – name the song;
  9. Which number is the International Direct Dialling code for Japan?;
  10. In Citizens’ Band Radio, the numerical code for a Loo Stop is 10-___________.

That’s your lot for this moment. Who knows, there might be another one…

S.V., 28 June 2013.

2 thoughts on “East of the M60’s Big Fat Summer Quiz: The Quiz Connection

  1. Yay 🙂 got the maths connection. Have no idea about the straight connection though only knowing answers 4 and 7.


    1. Hi Ady,

      Glad to see you got The Maths Connection. 🙂

      Bye for now,


      P.S., Answers to East of the M60’s ‘Quiz Connection’ will be unveiled on Yorkshire Day (which is the 01 August).


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