Second Post Office Returns to Dukinfield

King Street regains Post Office

After a 13 week hiatus, there will once again be a second Post Office in Dukinfield. Opening on the 24 June, it will be situated on 61 King Street. Three counters will be added and all services hitherto carried out at its previous site will return. It will occupy part of Waz’s Convenience Store.

Future plans will include a ramp for mobility impaired persons. The new site will be more convenient for residents on the Dukinfield Central estate and houses near St. Mark’s Parish Church. Before being Waz’s Convenience Store, the unit was hitherto occupied by GT Grafix, Technical Assist and a motor spares shop.

Prior to this April, Dukinfield’s second Post Office was situated on 131 King Street, occupying a former hardware shop unit since 1971. It had moved from purpose built facilities opposite the Town Hall, which included a collection point and the Trustees’ Savings Bank.

• Before 2008, Dukinfield had a further two Post Offices on Victoria Road and off Yew Tree Lane. The latter moved to the shopping precinct opposite Astley Sports College from its previous location on Birch Lane near The New Inn. From Monday, there will be one Post Office per 9,500 persons, which compares badly with Mossley’s one per 5,000 people.

S.V., 19 June 2013.


4 thoughts on “Second Post Office Returns to Dukinfield

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  1. I must say, I prefer the Post Office as a standalone premises, rather than inside a shop where they seem to look at you funny if you just go to the Post Office bit and don’t buy anything from the shop. Perhaps that’s just me being paranoid!


    1. Hi Mark,

      I suppose that depends on the position of the Post Office’s tills in relation to the non-Post Office tills. For instance, WHSmith’s tills are separate from the Post Office department in Ashton-under-Lyne. The one at Yew Tree shops used to have a glass screened counter next to the non-Post Office till.

      I cannot comment on the position of the tills at Dukinfield’s new facilities. I’ve yet to visit the shop myself.

      Bye for now,



  2. I just checked and as I thought, shokcingly, there’s only 1 Post Office in Walkden! 1 in Little Hulton. We are in between but nearer to Walkden one so mainly go there. This must be a poor PO to resident figure too! Just highlights even more how bad Walkden is for services/retail! We are now getting a B+M again though to replace our recently closed+demolished branch so I am very pleased about that. I wish they’d hurry up with our strongly rumoured Aldi though!


    1. Hi Dave,

      That is one Hell of a bad Post Office to population ratio. That’s one Post Office per 19,000 people compared with Dukinfield’s one P.O. per 9,500 persons (which I thought was dismal). Mossley’s ratio is one per 5,000 people, but the two branches are separated by a steep hill.

      I’ve yet to look at Post Office to population ratios in my borough, and possibly other parts of Greater Manchester. The Walkden figure excludes the branch in Worsley.

      Bye for now,



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