Midnight Dynamoes Pound Pavements for St. Ann’s Hospice

Stagecoach Manchester Staff Take To Streets For A Good Cause Fourteen Stagecoach Manchester employees swapped their driving shoes for trainers to take part in the Midnight Walk last Friday, to raise money for St Ann’s Hospice.

The Road Least Travelled: Ashton’s Lesser Spotted Circular

Our third lesser known bus route within Greater Manchester If you’re au fait with Tameside’s bus scene, you may be familiar with the 331 and 333 circular routes from Ashton-under-Lyne. They were originally Ashton Corporation’s 1 and 3 services with the former reaching Hurst in a clockwise direction via Broadoak Road.

‘Stop For Me, Speak To Me’: RNIB Set Role Reversal Challenge

Bus drivers to swap places with blind and partially sighted passengers A group of bus drivers and a local MP are set to face an unusual challenge this Friday, when they swap places with blind and partially sighted people from Greater Manchester. This is in support of a new campaign from the Royal National Institute…

A Little Gem of a Comfy Bus (or Three)

Two new operators hit the streets of Greater Manchester this July The fluid nature of the Greater Manchester bus scheme never fails to fascinate East of the M60, and a fair chunk of its regular readers. Conversely, the presence of new operators may infuriate some passengers, particularly those accustomed to single operator season tickets.

Televisual Gems of the 1980s: Connections

Granada Television’s forgotten teatime quiz show There hasn’t been a Televisual Gems of the 1980s post for a while on East of the M60. To commemorate ITV’s departure from Quay Street, our second entry came from Granadaland.

Second Post Office Returns to Dukinfield

King Street regains Post Office After a 13 week hiatus, there will once again be a second Post Office in Dukinfield. Opening on the 24 June, it will be situated on 61 King Street. Three counters will be added and all services hitherto carried out at its previous site will return. It will occupy part of…

Hotline Heroes Answer Call for Midnight Walk

Stagecoach Manchester Staff Answer The Charity Call For St. Ann’s Hospice Three kind-hearted switchboard operators from Stagecoach Manchester’s Daw Bank depot, Stockport, have responded to St. Ann’s Hospice’s call for this year’s Midnight Walk (Friday 21 June).

The Road Least Travelled: Hyde’s Other 344 Route

Another obscure bus journey throughout Greater Manchester At Hyde bus station, there are two 344 routes. One is the Backbower Circular, which co-works with the 342. There is also a lesser known 344, one which comprises of a single journey.

I Want My G.M.T… (Get Me There)

Transport for Greater Manchester unveils new Oyster style travel card Details have emerged over Transport for Greater Manchester’s Oyster Clone. Eschewing the single word animal names of Merseytravel ITA and Transport for London, Transport for Greater Manchester have elected to call their equivalent ‘Get Me There’. It is aimed that TfGM’s name would ‘do what…

Duffers’ Guide to Bus Operations #5: Route Indicators

The fifth part of a concise guide to bus operations from a passenger point of view, aimed at bus noobs more than anything Look at this picture below: what is the dark grey panel between the upper and lower deck windows? Is it: a) A destination blind; b) A destination board; c) An indicator. If…

The Road Least Travelled: Tameside Hospital to Piccadilly Gardens

Obscure bus journeys throughout Greater Manchester Outside the bright lights of the Wilmslow Road corridor, the A6 into Stockport and Ashton Old Road are a variety of often overlooked bus routes throughout Greater Manchester. Some of which are socially necessary, for schoolchildren, hospital appointments and workers. Some of these are the White Dwarfs or Neutron…