From Mossley to Uppermill and Greenfield, The Greatest Free Show on Earth in pictorial form

Through rain, Arctic winds and – on Friday night – in a big coat, East of the M60 celebrated Whit Friday in style. Several pints (well, 4.5 of them), a Pork Pie, two semi-rushed ham salad muffins, and a portion of Special Fried Rice with chips and curry later, here’s  the results…

*                       *                       *

1. The Whit Walks

Mossley Whit Walks, Top Mossley
The Whit Walks at Top Mossley.
Mossley Whit Walks, Bottom Mossley
The Whit Walks at Bottom Mossley.
Uppermill Whit Walks, required attire
Rain Rain Rain – Cagoules and Umbrellas – and a cold wind, failed to affect attendance at the Uppermill Whit Walks.
Uppermill Walks, Breezy Banner
Two members of the Ebenezer Congregational struggling to get to grips with their banner.
Uppermill Walks, National Methodist Brass Band
The National Methodist Youth Brass Band.
Uppermill Walks, Sacred Heart Church, Uppermill
Sacred Heart Church, Uppermill.
Uppermill Walks, Dobcross Youth Band
Dobcross Youth Band.
Uppermill Whit Walks, near The Commercial Hotel
The end of a most windy Whit Walks in Uppermill. Here’s hoping that next year’s would be more fruitful weather wise.

*                       *                       *

2. The Brass Band Contests

Stalybridge Celtic AFC Contest, Ashton-under-Lyne Brass Band
A view of the Stalybridge Celtic AFC contest.
Greenfield Contest, Marsden Silver Band, Chew Valley Road
About to march to ‘Army of the Nile’, Marsden Silver assembling at Chew Valley Road, Greenfield.
Greenfield Contest, Audley Brass
Audley Brass Band at the arena.
Greenfield Contest, black and white image
Towards the end of the Greenfield contest.
Greenfield Contest, Tartan Brass
No Whit Friday Brass Band Contest is complete with a band dressed in non-traditional band uniform. Tartan Brass proved this with minutes to go till the contest’s finish.

*                       *                       *

That’s your lot till next year. For the superstitious and neurotic among you, 2014’s Whit Friday will be on the 13 June. Yes, Whit Friday The 13th…!

S.V., 26 May 2013.

2 thoughts on “In Pictures: Whit Friday 2013

  1. and after the bands came the idiots getting drunk part of the canal towpath is closed just before Mossley and had broad had been put up at a bridge next thing i see yobs had pulled it down and chucked it in canal who do these idots think they are


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