Or the 23A, 76, 192, 346 or 598… instead of the car

Stagecoach Manchester, Dennis Dart SLF, V484 LCW, Albion Hotel/Oxford Street, Dukinfield

Catch The Bus Week: 29 April – 05 May 2013.

This Monday sees the start of the annual ‘Catch the Bus Week’. To support the campaign, Stagecoach Manchester is calling all car owners to swap one of their journeys for a bus trip during that week. Part of an initiative by Greener Journeys, it is also being supported by Arriva North West and First Greater Manchester in the Greater Manchester area. Throughout the North West, it is also being supported by Merseytravel PTE, Blackpool Transport.

In Greater Manchester, Stagecoach Manchester have teamed up with ClickManchester.com, to encourage the people of Greater Manchester to consider bus travel as an alternative mode of transport and the impact this might have, both personally and to the environment. They, along with Greener Journeys, aim to highlight the fringe benefits such as cost savings and increasing free time, as well as taking cars off the road and therefore reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

Both Stagecoach Manchester and Click Manchester are asking local residents to email StagecoachManchesterPledge[at]Tangerinepr.com, making a commitment to swap just one car journey and replace it with a bus ride between Monday 29th April and Sunday 5th May. Participants are also asked to send a picture of themselves with their pledge email, which will form part of a travelling mural. The mural will be created using the faces of every person who makes the pledge and will be displayed on the back of selected Stagecoach Manchester buses. Every pledge passenger will also be entered into a prize draw to win 28 days worth of free bus travel.

Talking about the initiative, Stagecoach Manchester’s managing director, Christopher Bowles, said: “Whether it’s the commute to work or a trip out at the weekend, we want to show that bus travel is a viable alternative to taking the car. Not only is it better for the environment but passengers will potentially save money and free up their time – which they could spend reading the newspaper, catching up with friends or even learning a new language.

“We are looking forward to seeing the response to the campaign and welcoming new passengers onto our bus services.”

Chris Johnson, editor of Click Manchester, continues: “We are really keen to support this campaign and help to encourage as many people as possible to catch the bus – even if it is just for one journey. We hope that this week will make people consider the impact of their travel choices and help them realise the benefits of using local public transport.”

To commemorate Catch The Bus Week, East of the M60 will be suggesting a number of suitable bus routes, which are worth leaving your car at home for. Stay tuned!

S.V., 26 April 2013.

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