Technical Issues Source of Mancunian Oyster Card Delays

East of the M60 Exclusive Report: Problems over size main issue instead of fare structures

Rochdale tram station, towards railway station
The Metrolink’s Oyster Card style ticket is set to be launched this year, with the one for all modes slated for release in 2014.

From an informed source, East of the M60 has finally found out why Manchester’s answer to the OysterCard has been delayed. It has been said that Greater Manchester’s bus fare structures have been the culprit. In fact, the main reason behind the delay is to do with the card itself. Continue reading “Technical Issues Source of Mancunian Oyster Card Delays”

The Reshaping of our Railways: 6. Exordium and Bus/Rail Terminus

The sixth and final part of East of the M60’s report on the effects of its area’s railways before, during and after the publication of The Reshaping of British Railways

Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar
‘Looks Like We’ve Made It!’ – people power has not only been instrumental in the successful restoration of Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar, but also the retention and expansion of existing rail services.

Increasingly so in my later years, I made more of my middle or long distance journeys by train. Besides my usual station, which was unaffected by The Reshaping of British Railways, all the other stations I’ve used would have been. It is incredible to think that three quarters of Tameside’s rail services would have been affected had the report’s recommendations been fully implemented. Continue reading “The Reshaping of our Railways: 6. Exordium and Bus/Rail Terminus”