The Reshaping of our Railways: 5. Poll Tax on Wheels

The fifth part of East of the M60’s report on the effects of its area’s railways before, during and after the publication of The Reshaping of British Railways

Stalybridge Station and Class 185
Recent developments since privatisation has seen some improvement to our area’s railways, though none of this wouldn’t be possible without the continued efforts of passengers, local authorities and Passenger Transport Executives. Seen here is 185124 on the 1326 from Stalybridge railway station to Scarborough.

The start of the 1990s saw the arrival of new air conditioned diesel trains, more different liveries and the dawn of the Metrolink. On a sadder note for some enthusiasts, most signs of the 1960s – early 1980s British Rail was being phased out. Before long, the Rail Blue livery wouldn’t be the only thing to go. British Rail itself would follow. In our area, it seemed as if the Stockport to Stalybridge service and Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar would follow suit. Instead, the Stockport to Stalybridge service carried on, in spite of a 13,000 strong petition against its withdrawal. Following the petition, it would remain in operation – albeit once a week in one direction only! Continue reading “The Reshaping of our Railways: 5. Poll Tax on Wheels”