Film Review: The Spirit of ’45

East of the M60 what is on probably one of the most important film releases of 2013

  • Dogwoof Productions/Film 4/Channel Four Corporation (94 minutes, Black and White/Colour, ‘U’ certificate);
  • Directed by Ken Loach.

Squalor, Ignorance, Want, Idleness, Disease: five words which the Liberal Lord Beveridge wanted to eradicate forever after the extreme poverty leading up to World War Two. Today, the party which his successors are in, are colluding with the Conservatives to revive Beveridge’s Five Giant Evils. ‘Squalor’ could refer to the inadequate accommodation people may be force to endure to avert the Bedroom Tax; ‘Ignorance’ could be expressed by the dominance of a Tory sycophantic press. Continue reading “Film Review: The Spirit of ’45”