Cuts Scene Investigation: The Bedroom Tax Explained

A plain English guide on how the Bedroom Tax ‘works’

Wellington Parade, Dukinfield
Tenants in Housing Association and former municipal housing stock claiming Housing Benefit will be hit by the bedroom tax. Seen here is the southern end of Wellington Parade, which runs through the middle of Dukinfield Central housing estate.

From Easter Monday [01 April] this year, there will be fundamental changes made to Housing Benefit. Tenants in social housing will be deducted 14% or 25% from their Housing Benefit if they have one or more spare bedrooms. Dubbed as the ‘Bedroom Tax’, this would not only hit tenants in the pocket, but also in other ways, such as their right to affordable housing or stable family life. In a nutshell, the Bedroom Tax is a Mansion Tax for the poor! Continue reading “Cuts Scene Investigation: The Bedroom Tax Explained”