Drivers ditch uniform for one day

Dennis Dart SLF, First Greater Manchester R238 SBA, Oldham bus station
Your dependable 415 bus to Middleton, likely to be driven by a fellow colleague in plain clothes for a good cause.

This Friday, bus drivers throughout First Greater Manchester’s operating area will be seen on the 409 or 346 routes in their civvies. The method behind this madness is Red Nose Day.

For several years, schools and workplaces up and down the country have participating in non-uniform days as fundraising initiatives, with Comic Relief among them since 1986. This year, employees from First Greater Manchester’s Bury, Wallshaw Street, Queens Road, Bolton and Dukinfield garages will be invited to participate, so long as they part with £2.00.

Will you be taking part on Red Nose Day? Will you be one of the drivers taking part in First Greater Manchester’s non-uniform day? Will you be doing something ‘funny for money’? Feel free to comment away…

S.V., 13 March 2013.

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