Top Beer: 2. Thornbridge Brewery’s Jaipur

Top Beer on Thornbridge’s strong India Pale Ale

Until recently, Bakewell was famous for two things: its puddings and its open market. In the last decade, ale has become the Derbyshire market town’s other export, thanks to Thornbridge Brewery. The company has ten regular cask ales including the one featured here. A further twelve bottled ales form part of their portfolio, and they’ve even upset some of the traditionalists with a dozen keg beers. Continue reading “Top Beer: 2. Thornbridge Brewery’s Jaipur”

First Greater Manchester’s Non-Uniform Day

Drivers ditch uniform for one day

Dennis Dart SLF, First Greater Manchester R238 SBA, Oldham bus station
Your dependable 415 bus to Middleton, likely to be driven by a fellow colleague in plain clothes for a good cause.

This Friday, bus drivers throughout First Greater Manchester’s operating area will be seen on the 409 or 346 routes in their civvies. The method behind this madness is Red Nose Day. Continue reading “First Greater Manchester’s Non-Uniform Day”

Trooper Ale Storms Ahead for May Release

Iron Maiden vocalist launches bottled and cask ale inspired by popular album track

Hot off the heels of their successful venture with Elbow [‘Build a Rocket, Boys’ ale], Robinsons Brewery have commandeered the services of Bruce Dickinson for its latest limited edition. Entitled ‘The Trooper’, it will be a full bodied 4.8% ABV ale, available in cask conditioned and bottle conditioned forms. It gets its name from their June 1983 single. Continue reading “Trooper Ale Storms Ahead for May Release”