Tameside Bus Service Changes, 27 January 2013

Retiming order of the day instead of radical changes to network

First Greater Manchester Enviro400, SN12 AOH, Oldham bus station
10% faster than this month? Journey times on the above route are set to be reduced from the 27 January.

Our first set of changes for the New Year is a mere tinkering at the edges with bus’ biggest competitor, the motor car, its main problem. As a consequence, this season’s set of changes are mainly light tweaks to timetables, most of which slight extensions to peak hour journeys.

First Greater Manchester routes:

Over the last six months, the 409 route had till recently been diverted via Oldham Way with extended journey times factored in to ensure sound timekeeping. Owing to the service being back on its more normal route, journey times will be speeded up a little.

In Saddleworth, Monday to Friday peak hour journeys on the 184 will be retimed to improve connections at Greenfield station. A most welcome development I would say, but sometimes, crossing the A669 towards the railway station can be a pain in the rear end.

Returning to the subject of rectal discomforts, passengers who board the 1720 Oldham – Dukinfield (Albion Hotel) 343 service beyond Mossley railway station await the option of a more antediluvian journey, or an extra half hour’s wait for Stott’s of Oldham’s 1750 [Oldham – Hyde] journey. The 1720’s terminus will be altered to Mossley railway station, thus meaning Micklehurst passengers would have to change for a 350 or walk the rest of the journey instead of waiting another 30 minutes.

Stagecoach Manchester routes:

Nothing major is set to affect Stagecoach Manchester’s routes in the Tameside area. Most of the retiming affects Hyde Road routes 204206 and 207. The former’s 0736 Manchester bound journey from Hyde will be allowed extra journey time. On the 206, the 0717 Piccadilly – Gee Cross journey will depart at 0705, whereas the 0717 207 from Gee Cross will again depart at 0705. An extra peak hour journey on the 206 from Piccadilly to Gorton will be introduced, leaving at 0725.

Changes to running times will also apply on weekday morning peak journeys of the 236 and 237. Though journey extensions have been flavour of the month, one route has had a journey extension restored. The 231 service’s 1854 journey from Littlemoss to Piccadilly will be extended to depart from Ashton-under-Lyne at 1824.

Ticket Changes:

32 years since its original launch, the Wayfarer ticket has gone into the electronic age. As well as Transport for Greater Manchester Travelshops and staffed railway stations throughout Greater Manchester, its range of outlets have been extended. From this week, you can also purchase a Wayfarer ticket from any shop or Post Office with a PayPoint sign.

As of before, the ticket is valid after 0930 on weekdays (at all times weekends and Bank Holidays) aboard trains and trams with all day travel aboard local buses. There has also been a modest £1.00 increase on last year’s prices, with adult Wayfarer tickets priced £11.00. Group Wayfarers are £21.00 with concessionary Wayfarer tickets priced at £6.00.

So, will the self-validating scratch card’s days be numbered?

S.V., 15 January 2013.


5 thoughts on “Tameside Bus Service Changes, 27 January 2013

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  1. thats good for 184 however with 350 they are leaving early so if people come off the train and want the 350 they have missed it that happened to me a few times in 2010


    1. Hi Michael,

      I agree with their plans to synchronise the 184 better with Greenfield’s trains. As a natural successor to the defunct Greenfield – Oldham Central service via Grotton and Lees, that should have been done years ago.

      With the 350, I hope they consider similar plans, with at least one bus per hour (and its hourly evening service) synchronising with the trains. That too parallels a lost railway line in the form of the Delph Donkey branch. How do we know if this isn’t in the pipeline if TfGM wishes to get its answer to the Oyster Card ready by next year?

      Bye for now,



      1. with the 350 it leaves Oldham 13 mins earlier then it use to but only 3 mins from Uppermill how daft can they get there was also the Mickehurst loop line now in use as a bridle path where the 350 turns towards Greenfield at the Royal geroge there was a short tunnel there and the layby was the though road till they filled in the area


  2. I had been led to believe, from another source, that the Wayfarer had gone up to £11 but was sold one at Stalybridge station last week for £10. Do you think I just got lucky?


    1. Hi Richard,

      The revised price may have only applied since Sunday or Monday. I found out about the revised price on Transport for Greater Manchester’s website and their press release was dated this Tuesday.

      Bye for now,



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