East of the M60 Advent Calendar Quiz: The Answers

At last, the answers to our Advent Quizmas Season:

  1. ATV (or if you prefer, Associated Television);
  2. Family Fortunes presenters;
  3. Caroline (for Radio Caroline);
  4. Stalybridge;
  5. Public Houses (The Q Bar and The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn);
  6. Chris Tarrant;
  7. Endurance;
  8. Inspector Morse;
  9. S;
  10. Secondary;
  11. English Baccalaureate;
  12. Sorry I’m A Lady;
  13. Apple;
  14. Hattersley, or Gee Cross;
  15. Neil Kinnock;
  16. My Guy;
  17. Sister Act;
  18. Fairfield Moravian Settlement (would also accept Fairfield or Droylsden);
  19. Hyde Central and Woodley;
  20. Peter Withe;
  21. Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People, Sporting Chronicle, Manchester Evening Chronicle;
  22. Dollar;
  23. Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night;
  24. New Faces.

Congratulations to anyone who got most of the questions – or at least one of the questions right. By a long way off, Buspilot answered the most questions correctly.

S.V., 26 December 2012.


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