Metrolink Reaches Shaw and Derker for Christmas

Section between Oldham Mumps and Shaw opens this Sunday

Oldham Mumps Metrolink station
Oldham Mumps Metrolink station, which, prior to Sunday is the terminus of the Oldham – St. Werburgh’s Road service. After Sunday, the trams will reach Shaw and Crompton.

What a nice surprise! Following last week’s announcement regarding the East Manchester Line to Droylsden, we are happy to announce more Metrolink related good news. Following recent tests, the Manchester to Oldham Mumps section of the Oldham-Rochdale Loop Line will be extended to Shaw. From Sunday, trams will call additionally at Derker and Shaw and Crompton stations.

Their first trams will leave Oldham Mumps at 0650, arriving at Derker by 0654 and Shaw and Crompton by 0659. Adult fares from Shaw and Crompton to Manchester will be £4.10 single with a return fare of £6.20. Off-peak fares from the same station are £2.10 (single) and £3.40 (return). From Derker, peak hour fares are £3.40 single and £5.00 return.

In spite of the speed advantages, First Greater Manchester’s recently launched weekly season ticket and day saver ticket for travel within the Oldham Borough and along the 180 and 184 to Manchester is a cheaper way. Compared with the peak hour fare from Shaw to Manchester [£6.20], a standard FirstDay ticket aboard the 59 route to Oldham is cheaper at £4.50. Furthermore, the 59 from Rushcroft boasts similar frequencies to the tram service before 1900 hours. Might First Greater Manchester’s new tickets undermine a modal shift for Shaw and High Crompton based bus users?

Metrolink aims to woo car users from the catchment area of its new stations. From Sunday, 100 parking spaces will be made available from Derker station, with a further 154 spaces to follow. More than 40 spaces will be available at Shaw and Crompton station. The new stations are also well placed for interchange with the following bus routes:

  • Derker: 58 (Rochdale – Middleton), 59 (Rushcroft – Middleton – Manchester), 410/410A/411 (Oldham – Waterhead Circular);
  • Shaw and Crompton: 58 (Rochdale – Middleton), 59 (Rushcroft – Middleton – Manchester), 408 (Buckstones – Oldham – Hurst – Stalybridge), 435 (Buckstones – High Crompton – Rochdale).

It is expected that the section from Shaw and Crompton to Rochdale railway station will open next year. The section between Rochdale railway station and its town centre, along with the Oldham section via Union Street is scheduled to open by 2014.

S.V., 12 December 2012.


6 thoughts on “Metrolink Reaches Shaw and Derker for Christmas

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  1. Having been a user of the trains from Shaw on a regular basis when I was younger in the late 90s and early 00s, it will certainly be weird finally seeing the trams running in and out of Shaw. Should get some good speeds and views between Derker and Shaw though.

    Seen a few trams running through Mumps on the ghost service and was certainly weird hearing the Metrolink ‘toot’ in Oldham, as it crossed the A62. Will be hearing it more when the service starts and when trams run through the town centre in two (hopefully) years time.


    1. Hi Shaun,

      Just to mess with your mind even more, Shaw and Crompton tram station is south of Beal Lane (instead of north), and comprises of a fully covered island platform! It would also be a nice change to pass Derker on a Flexity Swift instead of a Pacer unit.

      I might give the line a go sometime this week (usual East of the M60 rules apply). Needless to say, it would be unusual to begin with, seeing a tram every 10 minutes across the A62.

      Bye for now,



  2. As a former Shaw resident AND as someone who managed council estates/ social housing in the area – I do think that this will be good news for all. Shaw always felt ‘at the end of the line’ (esp at Dunwood Park Courts!) But as always, affordability of getting on those there trams will be SO important to Shaw residents…


    1. Hi Tina,

      I’m just as excited about its arrival in Shaw (and all subsequent developments of the Metrolink). Was it really three years, two months and two weeks without rail based transport there?

      The peak hour fare from Shaw and Crompton to Manchester city centre is £6.20 return – equivalent to £3.10 each way. Though it sounds expensive, it is still quicker than – and cheaper than two singles – on the 59 bus (£3.10 single can only get you from Ashton to Mossley on the 350). Even with free parking and petrol prices from outlying areas close to Shaw and Crompton station, it is still cheaper than the average day parking rate at Manchester city centre (if you want a decent parking space with excellent security).

      I’m hoping to have a bash on the new trams from Shaw and Crompton as soon as possible.

      Bye for now,



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