Metrolink Set to Reach Droylsden in February 2013

At last!

Oldham Mumps Metrolink station and Flexity Swift M5000 3017
A Juicy Flexity Swift M5000 tram pictured at Oldham Mumps, coming to Droylsden sometime next year. No, really…

Droylsdonians have had their fill of bad news this year. Therefore, East of the M60 has the great pleasure of announcing some good news.

The East Manchester Line, originally scheduled for opening up to Droylsden on our so called summer, will open on the 11 February 2013. This was announced by Councillor Kieran Quinn at a council meeting tonight. As a ‘thank you’ for putting up with the delays for so long, residents and schoolchildren will be given three days worth of free travel.

The new line includes stops at Edge Lane, Clayton and the Etihad Stadium offering Droylsdonians a limited stop alternative to the 216 and 231 services. It is expected that the second part of the East Manchester Line from Droylsden to Ashton-under-Lyne will be completed by Winter 2014, though East of the M60 thinks Summer or Autumn 2014 may be more realistic.

The work has caused much disruption among residents and businesses incensed at the slow speed of its construction. In the middle of next year, we shall see if the East Manchester Line was worth waiting for.

S.V., 04 December 2012.


8 thoughts on “Metrolink Set to Reach Droylsden in February 2013

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  1. went though Droyslden on Sunday on 216 what a silly way they have built it in places right where traffic has to drive have these people doing it got brains


      1. i hope it stops the boy racers if any go that way we may yet see this area on Police Camara Action sometime


    1. Hi Paul,

      The Droylsden – Manchester section of the East Manchester Line (Phase 3a) was slated for opening in ‘Summer’ 2012. Then there was further delay which saw the deadline extended to August 2012 for the section up to the Etihad Stadium with Droylsden ready for this Christmas. As stated today, Droylsdonians will wait a further two months and one week till their line is ready. Therefore, the East Manchester Line will be running eight months late!




  2. The Metrolink was ORIGINALLY supposed to be completed to Ashton in time for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.!!!!
    Then they said “it won’t be completed but will be in place to the stadium in time for the games”.
    I know it’s difficult for the local businesses, but after a delay of nearly 11 years a few more weeks isn’t too much to bear.
    IF the current schedule for completion to Ashton stays in place it will be completed more than 11 years behind schedule.??


    1. Hi Blue Cube,

      That’s correct on all three counts. The delayed completion of infrastructure projects in Greater Manchester isn’t exclusive to the Metrolink: how long did it take to build the M60 for a start? Had Stephenson had the same project engineers as our trams, the Manchester to Liverpool line would have opened in 1920 instead of 1830!

      I remember picking up a Metrolink leaflet in 1996 (wish I didn’t bin it now), which slated the possible completion of Phase 3 by the time of the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Therefore, we’ll be looking at 12 years behind schedule by the time the Droylsden to Ashton section is completed, with the rest complete in 2016-17.

      Bye for now,



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