This Christmas on East of the M60…

Gratuitous self promotional piece!

Christmas is almost upon us, and East of the M60‘s countdown to this special time will be marked by its Advent Calendar.

Last year’s Advent Calendar featured 24 buses with routes of Christmas Past and Christmas Present. This year’s calendar will be different. The 24 days leading up to Christmas will be marked by a Continuous Quiz.

Merry Quizmas indeed!

Each quiz question will be a general knowledge one of some description, with the answer to one question forming part of the next question.

I shan’t divulge too much, just hold on tight till tomorrow when the first question will be revealed.

Happy quizzing!

*                          *                          *

But Wait! There’s More…

When you answer all 24 questions correctly… (O.K., forget that bit (*S.V. rewinds tape*))

After East of the M60’s Advent Quiz, the Yuletide period will see the arrival of 2012: My Year in the Company of Buses, a review of this year’s developments affecting Tameside’s public transport users.

That’s Christmas wrapped up on East of the M60

S.V., 30 November 2012.


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