Zen and the Art of Making Great TV Mocks

Ways to make effective television mocks, in static or animated forms.

My attempt at creating a mock. This is based on a 1984 programme rundown for Granada Television, albeit with a 2012 schedule.

According to one YouTube video, the internet is supposedly made of cats. If like myself you tend to have a penchant for old television programmes and graphics, you will find that old TV idents or programmes tend to feature highly in cyberspace. As well as being a portal for forgotten sitcoms and continuity, this has inspired many users to create mocks. Often they are reconstructions of old TV station mocks, if for example, ATV continued to be the West Midlands’ ITV franchise (rather than as the reconstituted ATV a.k.a Central Independent Television). Sometimes they may be for fictitious channels. Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Making Great TV Mocks”