23. The Bus to Big Buddha Is Watching  You

go to Bus 23 Terminus
Today's bus stations have come a long way from this example in Hong Kong. It has a whiff of 1950s Queenbury Shelter about. Photo by Ja-ee (Creative Commons Attribution License)

We ought to be thankful for the fact that our bus stations in Greater Manchester have better information displays than this. Route 23 is denoted by a laminated sheet of A4 paper. From a mile off, you can tell they’ve used Microsoft Word for this sign.

Bus Route of Christmas Past: The short 23 service from Oldham Town Hall to Alt Estate. It became part of the 423 route which at one time continued to Fitton Hill. Today, Alt Estate is served by some journeys on the 408 route and the 425 service from Fitton Hill via Oldham bus station.

Bus Route of Christmas Present: The number 23 featured on this bus stand goes from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping for the Po Lin Monastry. It is operated by the New Lantau Bus company. Closer to home, the 23 is also operated by Stagecoach Manchester from Stockport to The Trafford Centre via Heaton Mersey, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Stretford and Urmston. It operates every half hour with sister route 23A avoiding Urmston in favour of Lostock. The evening, Sunday and Bank Holiday service operates hourly with its sister route doing the same.

S.V., 23 December 2011

4 thoughts on “East of the M60 Advent Calendar: 23 December 2011

  1. Actually in the evenings the 425 misses out Alt Estate and instead this is covered by 408 and the evening 149 Holts-Manchester service


  2. Hi Andrew,

    Many thanks for filling me in on the Alt Estate section of the 425. I’ve done that section on the 408 in the recent past.

    Bye for now and a Merry Christmas,



  3. The 21 bus was originally the “B” bus and went from Middleton Junction station through werneth and Oldham and then the new fitton hill estate. the original terminus on fitton hill was near the holy rosary church but later when the new extension to the estate was built it moved to the secondary school on rosary road.


    1. Hi Raymond,

      You are spot on about the 21/B bus. The Fitton Hill extension was added in the late 1950s with a change to the more present day route outside the former secondary school in 1963.

      Bye for now.



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