Christmas and New Year Bus Services in Tameside

Important information regarding Christmas and New Year bus services in the borough

Brazenose Street, Manchester, Christmas Market

Back in the days when Woolworth stores reigned the shopping centres, there was such thing as frequent bus services (well, akin to today’s Sunday services rather to 192 style daytime frequencies) on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Since the start of deregulation, this has become an impossibility – despite retailers’ preponderance to open on Boxing Day, denying bus users a chance of the early sale bargains (and actively discriminating against non-car owning employees forced to work on Boxing Day).

OK, rant over, now to concentrate on the real reason behind this post…

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Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve services:

Normal Saturday service with most journeys finishing around 1800 hours.

Full Saturday Service:

All services listed below will operate to a normal Saturday timetable, finishing around 1800 hours as with usual operations. Please note that Stagecoach in Manchester services will finish between 1900 and 2000 hours:

  • JPT Travel: 335 (Ashton – Denton Circular) and 343 (Hyde – Mossley – Oldham) services;
  • First Manchester: 419 (Ashton – Middleton), 387 (Ashton – Stalybridge – Hattersley – Hyde), 333 (Ashton – Smallshaw Circular), 393 (Ashton – Smallshaw);
  • SpeedwellBus: 395 (Ashton – Limehurst Farm) and 396 (Ashton – Fitton Hill – Newton Heath), 341 (Hyde – Glossop), 342/344 (Hyde – Backbower Circulars);
  • Stagecoach in Manchester: 7 (Ashton – Gorton – Stockport), 206 (Manchester – Hyde – Gee Cross), 346 (Ashton – Hyde), 217/218 (Manchester – Mossley Circular), 317 (Ashton – Denton – Reddish – Stockport), 168 (Ashton – Chorlton-cum-Hardy), 169 (Ashton – Southern Cemetery), 345 (Ashton – Denton [Pendle Road]) 322 (Haughton Green – Stockport), 327 (Denton – Stockport).

Reduced Saturday Service:

The following full time services will operate as normal Saturday service though cease operation around 1800 hours. Stagecoach in Manchester services will cease operations between 1900 and 2000 hours:

  • First Manchester: 350 (Ashton – Hey Farm – Oldham), 346 (Ashton – Hyde), 41 (Crowhill – Ashton – Dukinfield, Tennyson Avenue), 409 (Ashton – Rochdale), 331 (Ashton – Hurst Circular), 389 (Ashton – Ridge Hill – Hyde), 348 (Ashton – Carrbrook), 38/39 (Ashton – Hazelhurst), 353/354 (Ashton – Uppermill – Carrcote/Denshaw), 408 (Stalybridge – Shaw);
  • Stagecoach in Manchester: 201 (Hattersley – Manchester), 216 (Ashton – Droylsden – Manchester), 219 (Ashton – Openshaw – Manchester), 231 (Manchester – Droylsden – Hartshead – Ashton), 330 (Ashton – Hyde – Stockport), 347 (Ashton – Haughton Green), 236 (Ashton – Stalybridge – Woolley Bridge – Glossop), 237 (Ashton – Stalybridge – Hadfield – Glossop).

Reduced Evening Service:

A mere handful of commercial and TfGM subsidised evening services may operate. For the purpose of this listing, services operating from 1800 onwards are classed as evening journeys. These are on the following routes:

First Manchester/First Pioneer:
  • 41: one journey departing Ashton at 1820;
  • 331: single Hurst Circular journey departing Ashton at 1838;
  • 332: single Turner Lane/Smallshaw Circular journey departing Ashton at 1830;
  • 343: two journeys departing at 1820 from Oldham (southbound) and Hyde (northbound);
  • 346: two journeys departing at 1830 from Hyde (northbound) and Ashton (southbound);
  • 353: 1830 journey to Uppermill and 1901 journey back to Ashton;
  • 409: 1820 journey from Rochdale to Ashton then subsequent journeys to Oldham till 1905. 1825 journey from Ashton to Rochdale then subsequent journeys to Oldham till 1915.

No Evening Service:

The following routes will not be operating after 1800 hours:

First Manchester/First Pioneer:
  • 205: Manchester – Dane Bank;
  • 220: Manchester – Dukinfield (Boyd’s Walk);
  • 338: Ashton – Crowhill Circular;
  • 354: Ashton – Greenfield – Uppermill.
  • 202: Hyde – Broadbottom – Glossop

*                                           *                                          *

Christmas Day:

No services throughout Greater Manchester apart from Stagecoach Manchester’s 43 service from Manchester city centre to Manchester Airport. This will be operating on a daytime hourly basis with special fares (though Megariders, iGo, concessionary and System One passes will also be accepted). The times for the aforementioned route (should you choose to accept it) is five past the hour from Piccadilly (from 0805 to 1905) and ten past the hour from Ringway (0910 to 2010). System One Daysaver tickets are unavailable.

*                                           *                                          *

Boxing Day:

Only three services will be operating in Tameside on Boxing Day: the 201, the 216 and the 219. For a rare chance to a board a less traffic afflicted 216 (we can only hope!), special single fares will apply. However, Stagecoach Manchester will happily accept your System One season ticket, Megarider and all the usual concessionary fares and passes. Again, System One Daysaver tickets are unavailable for purchase. Service frequencies are as follows:

  • 201 (Piccadilly – Hyde – Hattersley): every half hour from 0851 to 2020;
  • 216 (Piccadilly – Droylsden – Ashton): every 20 minutes from 0840 to 2020;
  • 219 (Piccadilly – Openshaw – Ashton): every 20 minutes from 0850 to 2030.

*                                           *                                          *

Bank Holiday Tuesday (in lieu of Christmas Day):

You’ll be happy to find that a regular Sunday and Bank Holiday service will be in operation. Therefore, this means JPT Travel will be running your 217/218, First on the 41, 343 and 346 and the operation of SpeedwellBus’ 202 service.

Extra journeys will be added to some routes in addition to the normal Sunday and Bank Holiday service. These include the 201, 231, 322, 324, 327, and 347 routes.

Wednesday 28 December to Friday 30 December:

A normal Monday to Friday service will be in operation with some modifications to running times.

*                                           *                                          *

New Year’s Day 2012:

Only one service will be operating in Tameside on New Year’s Day: the 216 (Piccadilly – Droylsden – Ashton). As with Boxing Day operations, similar ticketing rules apply, though the System One range of Daysaver tickets will also be available.

Monday 02 January 2012 (Bank Holiday Monday in lieu of New Year’s Day):

Normal Sunday and Bank Holiday service. Some additional journeys on popular routes may be operated.

Tuesday 03 January 2012

Normal weekday services and ensuing traffic chaos resume.

S.V., 14 December 2011.

Postscript (24 December 2017): If you have come to this page thinking these are the most recent bus times, please click the link leading to this year’s Christmas and New Year Bus Services. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused you.

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    1. Hi Catherine,

      Normal Sunday service on all routes in Greater Manchester tomorrow. So 330s will be every 20 minutes during normal Sunday shopping hours and half hourly at other times.

      Bye for now,



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