Metrolink Takeover Plans: Hardly Under RATPs?

French transport giant set to take over Metrolink from Stagecoach?

3002 Flexity Swift Metrolink tram

The balance of power for our trams could move from Perth to Paris if Stagecoach agrees to relinquish its 13 year franchise with TfGM. Continue reading “Metrolink Takeover Plans: Hardly Under RATPs?”

Tameside on Television

How our borough became a popular location for film and television

Tower Mill, Dukinfield
Tower Mill, Dukinfield: once the base of Lyme Electronics in the BBC drama 'Making Out' (1989 - 1991).

Though closer to Hollinwood rather than Hollywood (in Birmingham as well as in America), Tameside has over the last 50 years been a popular filming location. From Billy Liar to Scott and Bailey, it could claim to be the Northern equivalent to Elstree or Shepperton. Continue reading “Tameside on Television”

TJ Hughes: A Victim of Britain’s Two Speed Economy?

A shift towards online business or supermarket chains or a result of depressed incomes? East of the M60 investigates.

The 1993 opening of Oldham’s branch of TJ Hughes was a Godsend for persons yearning for cheap clothes and footwear. It coincided nicely with the opening of the Spindles Shopping Centre and the refurbishment of its older sister. Oldham at the time was one of Greater Manchester’s most popular town centres. Set in the Town Square Shopping Centre’s former Presto store, it would later occupy a street level unit, formerly leased by Toy and Hobby. Continue reading “TJ Hughes: A Victim of Britain’s Two Speed Economy?”

The History of Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station

The Life, The Universe, Katherine Street, The Beau Geste and Everything

Yelloway coach, Van Hool, Ashton-under-Lyne

Prior to 1963, Ashton-under-Lyne’s buses and trolleybuses stopped at a variety of termini throughout the town centre. Manchester Corporation services called at Bow Street and Old Square (by Yates’ Wine Lodge); Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation’s buses opted for Market Street and Wellington Road by the town hall. SHMD’s stopped at St. Michael’s Square. Continue reading “The History of Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station”

Holiday Reading for Left-Wing Transport Geeks

Five ‘must read’ transport books and five political/historical books.

Class 101 DMU, Bury Bolton Street

Nearly two years ago, East of the M60 had a rundown of five transport books and five autism spectrum books. This time, as a follow-up, East of the M60 has chosen five more transport books. In place of five autism spectrum books are five political/historical books. Once more, trashy airport terminal type novels are gleefully omitted. As for the Star Trek/Star Wars type stuff, ditto the above. Continue reading “Holiday Reading for Left-Wing Transport Geeks”

Manchester’s Other Tramway Extension

New extension opened by Pete Waterman – without technical hitches and cable thieves

Double Deck Tram, Heaton ParkFrom the outside, it could be seen as ‘me too-ism’, following the opening of Metrolink’s new Chorlton-cum-Hardy line last week. Elsewhere, north of Manchester, another tramway extension was opened. That of Heaton Park’s historic tramway. Continue reading “Manchester’s Other Tramway Extension”

Tameside Service Changes, 24 July 2011

Thankfully Not The Cruel Summer We Expected…

Citaro Blur

East of the M60 had expected more far reaching service revisions for 2011, mainly in the form of service cuts. What with SpeedwellBus withdrawing the S48 – S50 and 239 services, we feared the worst. Thankfully, the expected storm didn’t materialise. Continue reading “Tameside Service Changes, 24 July 2011”

Is This The 409? A Cloud of Nines

Ten 409 routes throughout the UK

Two Volvo B7 double deckers, Ashton-under-Lyne bus station
Other 409s are available besides these two seen above...

Some time ago on East of the M60, we went in search of 9 other 343 bus routes throughout the UK and compared them with the Hyde – Mossley – Oldham one which we know and love. Continue reading “Is This The 409? A Cloud of Nines”

Tameside Non-League Fixtures #2: FA Cup, Trophy and Vase Draws Announced

Let the Real Football Season Begin…

Weaver Stadium, Nantwich
Weaver Stadium, Nantwich, during Stalybridge Celtic's FA Trophy tie against Nantwich Town, December 2009

The European Champions League and the World Cup may be seen by many commentators as the finest footballing competitions the world over. For many fans of a non-league persuasion, the FA Challenge Cup, FA Trophy and FA Vase are way up there. I for one would put a qualifying round tie between Norton and Stockton Ancients v Billingham Town on a higher pedestal than England v Switzerland in an early qualifying round having watch The Mighty Stalybridge Celtic for 16 years. Continue reading “Tameside Non-League Fixtures #2: FA Cup, Trophy and Vase Draws Announced”

Aboard the Dovestones Hopper

East of the M60 on Saddleworth’s new park and ride service

Chew Valley Reservoir Panorama
One hour and five minutes later, my reward for scaling the steep Chew Road

This last weekend saw the introduction of DS1, Saddleworth’s new park and ride service linking Uppermill and Greenfield with Dovestone Reservoir. Luckily, its debut was blessed with good weather. I took advantage of this on Sunday, seeing it as an opportunity to explore Chew Valley and the reservoirs. Continue reading “Aboard the Dovestones Hopper”